Review : L'Oreal Miss Candy Nutri Shine in 507 Miss Raspberry

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Still remember my very first contest winning? Winning L’Oreal Style Board Contest had gotten me this lipstick as one of the prizes sent. I’m very excited to try this, since the name itself is very catchy and the packaging easily steals my heart. Plus, this is a product from their latest line, Miss Candy!
Inspired by candy and its sweetness, mostly of the products from this line have sweet scents within them. Yumm! The names given are also as sweet as it smells, like Miss Raspberry, Miss Strawberry, Miss Orange etc.

Comes in gold (with a little hint of pink) packaging, it really looks elegant and expensive! Somehow the gold color reminds me of YSL? *get slapped*It has sturdy packaging too which is good~

I got mine in shade 507 Miss Raspberry, it’s a blue-based hot-pink color. The color looks very intimidating at first, but actually I’ve been eyeing on some hot-pink lipsticks, so lucky me to get this one as a start aaaaaand gotta be brave! (/*o*)/

Swatched this on my hand with only one swipe. The color is very pigmented!

Bare lips :

With L’Oreal Nutri Shine in 507 Miss Raspberry

The texture of this lipstick is very buttery and creamy, it glides easily and smoothly on your lips yet feels moisturizing on lips. Not sticky also, and brings sweet candy scent. Hmm!

            CUTE PACKAGING.
            LOVELY SCENT!

            ˟ NOT LONG LASTING.


MAYBE, in different color. Miss Orange just tempted me LOL

L’Oreal Nutri Shine is a great lipstick after all. It’s great in pigmentation and texture, yet it has sweet candy scent and elegant packaging. It’s not long-lasting tho, that’s the only downside for this lipstick. It stays on me only for 3 hours straight without eating or drinking. Hard to believe this is only IDR 119.000 at counter since the packaging looks so expensive and lux! The hot-pink color is still wearable, it is bold but cute. Kind of color that you can still wear everyday, so worry not!

The other colors of this lipstick look so pretty, especially for the Miss Strawberry and Miss Orange! I never own a orange lipstick before, so Miss Orange would be a great choice for my first. Don’t you think? XD

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    1. it smells yummy, but i managed myself not to lick my lips tho >.<
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