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Yesterday I got a call from a Jakarta number. I was like, eh? The only thing that popped in my mind is that the call came from a sales or a bank representative. CC thingy or something. I almost rejected the phone call, but soon as I answered it I WAS SO GLAD I DIDN’T REJECT IT AT THE FIRST PLACE. GEE.

It was from Riska, the PR and Special Event Assistant for Clinique Indonesia. She kindly phoned me to tell me that I was invited to the opening of new concept counter at Sogo Tunjungan Plaza 4, Surabaya. I was like “WHAAAT??” I am invited again! Woooooo! *run around the room* She was very kind, explaining a lot of things related to the event yada-yada-yada, then she emailed me the invitation. Too bad she can’t come due to a lot of job issues, but she promised me a woman named Genta to accompany me in the event ( °° )

Then I came to the mall and directly walked in to Sogo. It was super crowded there! People looked very attracted to Clinique. The new concept counter was bigger than the former counter, which means people can browse through the store more convenient \(*◊*)/

see how crowded it was! >o<

Here are some products from their skincare line. Clinique offered so many ranges for the line, from acne to wrinkle care; also from concerned problems to basic skincare. Clinique basically provides 4 ranges of skincare line for each skin type. 

Type 1 is for those who have dry skin.
Type 2 is for those who have combination skin, with oily T-zone and dry cheeks.
Type 3 is for those who have combination skin with normal type cheeks.
Type 4 is for those who have oily skin.
Why only a close up photo for their acne care? Bet you know my answer la~ XD *get slapped*
Oops! I accidentally changed the white balance setting in my camera. The next pictures turn out a little bluish, sorry for that \(>< \) (/ ><)/

It’s pretty hard to find skincare range for men, and men usually ignore skincare because they feel less ‘gentle’ by using skincare products. Men please throw that thoughts awaaaay because it’s super wrong! Everyone should care about their skin~ Clinique understands that and makes the packaging for men's product more masculine LOL XD

The beauty assistants were also doing the skincare regimes for each client who wanted to try their skincare before buying. It’s great to have a trial first before buying full-sized products as you will know more about those you’re going to buy before finally spending money on them. Nice idea!

Clinique is not only providing skincare line tho. So here is their makeup line! Mostly the foundations they have only have light-medium coverage, as they aim the ‘healthy-skin’ look for the user. Not for the heavy or decorative makeup though!

make over for the customer......a beautiful treat rite? XD
the MC kept throwing questions, too bad he didn't throw even one to me! he promised a goody bag after all LOL

A rubber band: Pick one based on your mood. I pick the pink one because I want to browse through the store freely and only ask the BA if I have questions to be asked XD

In this event, Clinique also invited a doctor. I was introduced to the doctor and asked a lot about my skin, and shared my skin problems with the previous ‘doctor’. Gee. I also got skin checked too, and be told what to do and what causes all the acnes and sensitivity on my skin.
Dr.Andriani was very kind, she listened to me with full attention even I talked like, so emotionally (/>o<)/ You can see it from my stupid expression LOL! 

I was so mad with my skin problems la (;A;  ) But then she told me a secret of skincare regimes, the truth about it, and the causes of my skin probs. Cannot tell it much here, you can click here as I talk a lot about skincare thingy and regime you surely wanna know.

Finally the launching event!

The three beautiful women who were going to cut down the ribbon as a sign of the officially-launched store were Fitria Ferly (Brand Manager Clinique Indonesia), Ruth Lindawati (Floor Manager SOGO TP4 Surabaya), and dr.Andriani Sugiantoro, Dipl. CIDESCO(Cosmetologist).

Congratulations, Clinique for the new concept counter! I am happy for you too, as this new concept counter is very attractive and unique. May this be a good brand new start for a better and brighter future

Last but not least, let me attach some group photos :

Ce Yennyca - Ce Shelley - Me
Genta was at the most right position!

All the staffs and BA-s yet the managers were soooooo kind! I felt so happy tee-hee (/////) Thank to all of you. And guess what I got in my goodie bag?

some brochures about each of their skincare ranges, and a full-sized loose powder! <3

That’s all for now, if you’re curious about their new concept store just visit the counter at SOGO Tunjungan Plaza 4 Surabaya, LG floor.

Bye for now, XOXO!

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