FOTD : Princess of China

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How’re ya girls doing? It’s only few hours to go before the Lunar New Year! Yay! For people who celebrate it, raise both of your hands up for all the hongpao-s! Since my family and I celebrate it too, we will have a dinner tonight and tomorrow night at mall and some restaurants. My Granny’s auntie from SG will also come to Surabaya too this evening, cannot wait to see her la, have been wondering about her face for years!

Gotta attend some semi-formal dinner with all your family members there, and some strangers could be very intimidating to choose the right outfit and what makeup should be done! Me, too, is going through this situation. Had been thinking about the look I wanted to wear today that I yet didn’t realize the dinners are just hours to go. Meh. Finally I happened to find this quick look, and I want to share it with all of you girls out there—be quick, we only have like 4-5 hours to go!

okaay............ignore the edit. MEH

The theme is “Princess of China” which just sounds like a song from Coldplay featuring Rihanna eh? This is my last minute idea, and it was done like only 15 minutes! So quick, easy, yet simple but still as mesmerizing? \(‾ᴥ‾)/ *get slapped*

The only main points on this look are to make a high bun like those Koreans’, and a matte red lips pairing with simple winged black eyeliner. Quick tip is, do not wear heavy eye makeup when you’re about to go with red lips. Let your lips speak to the world who you really are!

Marcks Loose Powder in Rose
Clinique Blended Face Powder
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette
Jordana Matte Lipstick in 050 Scarlet Red
Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner in Black
Missha Eyebrow Cake Powder 02
Milani LIQUIF’EYE Metallic Pencil Liner in Black
Estee Lauder Powder Blush in Crimson, Brick

That’s all I used! And of course my pink lace bow, my favorite hair tie of all the time~ White outer wear with some abstract embroidery and cute ethnic button from Marc by Marc Jacobs completes this look too. I totally look like a little Princess of China in winter time, eh? *get slapped*

By the way talking about Jordana Matte Lipstick, it’s my new love! Got it in pink color too, which I badly love right now. It’s matte yet not drying, and glides smoothly on lips. Wait for the review okay!

Got to go now, I will post my look for the official CnY makeup like, on Tuesday? Granny’s auntie is gonna stay here until Monday and I will be busy until that day too—which makes me skip school also LOL! I hope you girls will enjoy your day, and, Happy Chinese New Year! Gong xi gong xi~

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11 kisses

  1. gong xi fa chai..!!
    xiao mei mei where do you wanna go? :) #slapped

    1. gong xii sari! :*
      i wanna go get some hongbaos *slapped by elders* XD

  2. happy chinese new year ^^ !!! you look cute =D

    1. happy Chinese new year too elisaaa~ ^O^ thankyou!

  3. cuteeee lin ^^ red lips nya bagus hehe

    1. sukaaa banget sama lipstick satu itu ce, review soon! XD
      *minta ditabok*

  4. Happy Chinese New Year Line...
    Cute as ever!!

    1. thankyouuuuuu kak sekar! so are youu <3 :*

  5. You look so pretty. Happy Chinese New year hun xx

  6. So adorable...
    God Bless and Gong Xi Fat Cai!