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Yesterday my little brother, somehow asked me about falsies. I was like, “whaa?” that he wanted to know about beauty stuffs. He then asked why I prefer thick lashes to thin lashes, and that was surely a thing I just could not answer? I think thick lashes just suit me better than how thin lashes would. And today, I want to review one of my favorite lashes so far!

Cute is Cute!
This is a Chocolat Lash by Beauty World. It comes with simple plastic packaging and an embossed heart sticker with some Japanese words. To be honest, the first thing that attracted me which caused me ended up buying this item is the packaging! It’s irresistibly cute, and the chocolate thingy there, well I just couldn’t help myself but buying!

The how-to steps and description of this lash is on the back of the packaging. Unfortunately they’re all written in Japanese which I don’t understand even a single word la (;A;  ) This lash are made in China, but the design is from Japan.

Cheap and a Bonus Skate, yes I am!
The chocolate case has the word “love” engraved in every bar of it. Cute! The case itself, has mirror and a sponge for you to put the lashes on inside. Oh, this lash comes in two pairs of lash and one bonus glue too.

My New Love!
Not only the case is super cute and really useful, the lashes themselves is very soft, durable, and not itchy while worn. Some lashes are very harsh at their edges and it eventually would turn my eyes red of the itchiness caused! I, of course flexed the band before start wearing it to make it more flexible and could follow the natural contour of my eye better. 

Once worn, it will suddenly make your eyes so bright, opened up and big! I love that effect, how it makes my eyes look so big even without lenses! The curl is ‘that’ WOW but it’s super pretty la! 

These lashes are made of synthetic hair, but it’s photographed very well. They’re long enough to be clearly and beautifully appear in the photos, yet it doesn’t look so fake, and not is shiny scarily like how synthetic lashes are usually. Top it with mascara and done, your lashes are matte as well (~^O^)~

The other plus point is, this lash can be used over and over again. I’ve worn it like for 4 times and its shape still as pretty as it was in the first place!! Cannot believe this!

Dramatic and Awesome
Since the effect given is more to wow than the natural look, probably people who love natural lashes would not fall too much for these lashes. You girls know I’m so much into the Gyaru style so well, this lash suits me very well. The other minor down point for me is, the glue freely given! Its texture is so watery, sticky, and hard to be removed. It also comes not in clear band which some people may prefer, but I personally prefer black band because I can easily use eyeliner to fill in the gap after wearing lashes.

I got two pairs of this falsie only for IDR 125,000 at SOGO, around $14 in US dollars. Said it really worth the price, because it holds not only one pair of falsie but two, plus the case given for free! Yay! I will definitely repurchase this one


Last Words
I can say nothing except of words which expressing my love toward this lash! It’s durable, pretty, soft, and not looking fake at all! The effect given is also as expected—even better because it won’t make me look like a total drag queen LOL. And psst, I also got the a lot of compliments with this lash! I love you more, my Chocolat Lash!

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