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Who doesn’t love Black Friday? Of course I do! Even if here in Indonesia we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving nor the Black Friday, the sale through US website are really intriguing and tempting! Last year’s Black Friday, I managed to shop *ahem* as I only got this palette I’ve wanted long longggg of all the sale hold. Phew!

Limited Edition Palette!
TheBalm Balm Jovi Rock Star Palette is a limited edition palette which was released in September 2012. Just like the other palettes by theBalm, this palette also comes in cardboard packaging which brings retro and chic impression also with the overall design. Made of cardboard doesn’t make this palette become less sturdy or feel so fragile at all. It has magnetic lid closure which closes quite strong. The palette itself is lightweight, anyway. Yay!

A medium-sized mirror is also attached in this palette, in a heart shape—OMG that’s very cute of it! Quite big enough for you to do your eye makeup by looking at the mirror la~

This palette has 12 eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 highlighter, and 2 lip colors. For hygienic reason of powder that may fall out on the lip colors, they divided this palette’s opening by two sections. The upper part of this palette contains all the powder eye shadows plus the highlighter and blush, and the other part contains only the two gorgeous lip colors.

Moving to the eye shadows first, shall we? Let’s take a look at those 12 gorgeous colors this palette brings! To make it easier I will describe the eye shadows by each column, because each column has different finish.
(P.S :  I did all the swatches below without using primer underneath.)

The first column is the heavy metal-named eye shadows.

(L-R) Metal-ica - Iron Maid-in - Led Zeppelin - Alice Copper

Metal-ica is a frosted silver shade. Its texture is super soft and tends to be powdery, but still as smooth. Pick this color very gently unless there will be fallouts!

Iron Maid-in is a frosted bright gold. It’s a pure, bright gold color. Almost a great dupe for Urban Decay’s Blunt. The texture is smooth, and less powdery than Metal-ica is.

Led Zeppelin is a frosted olive green color with subtle green glitters. It has minimum fallouts even though it contains glitters. The texture is soft, buttery and smooth when applied.

Alice Copper is a frosted burgundy red color with silver sparkles. This, too is super buttery and has minimum issues of fallouts.

The second column contains eye shadows with the Classical genre names!

Adagio - Allegro - Moderato - Presto

Adagio is a matte beige, pale light skin tone color. This shade is my favorite of all! It’s very opaque and subtle in color payoff. The texture is very soft and smooth, no issues with the fallouts too. It works great as a brow bone highlight!

Allegro is a matte medium toned chocolate, which somehow the color payoff ain’t as good as the other shade. Its texture is still soft, though.

Moderato is a matte dark purple color. This shade is awesome, no fallouts issues, and has great color payoff! Very buttery in texture too, yum~

Presto is a matte dark brown. The color payoff is also awesome despite it is being matte, and not powdery at all.

The last or the third row of this palette is the shadows with Alternative Rock names!

Blink 1982 is a shimmery muted burgundy color with gold sparkles. This color is somewhat powdery due to its soft texture.

The Stroke is a dark navy blue color with pretty blue sparkles. The color payoff is great, it’s subtle and super pretty in real life! It has satin finish.

Rem is a shimmery dirty muted purple color with gold sheen. It has good pigmentation too, even is more to the bare seen, natural side.

Third Eye Blinded is a frosted light peach which leans more into pink but in warmer way. It’s super pretty, soft and smooth yet buttery in texture, has great color payoff too!

Overall the shadows are soft, smooth, and buttery in texture even some of them have drier texture. Fallouts issues hardly happen, but powdery sometimes may occur because of the softness of the texture. The color payoff is great too, rich and true in colors. The most important thing of all is, all of them are super blendable! Shall we move to the face section?

Disco Disco Solid Gold is a luminizer, or we heard it a lot as a highlighter. It’s exactly the same product as the famous theBalm’s Mary-lou Manizer. It’s a light, warm gold color with beautiful sheen. This can be easily blended yet reflects light great, and not too overwhelming that will make your face look like a disco ball or super greasy once applied.

Pop! Pop! Don’t You Want Me is a bright warm coral color with matte finish. This blush is supposed to be the same with theBalm Frat Boy blush, but somehow Don’t You Want Me is pinker.

Milly is a neutral rosy beige color. This will make a good pair along with a bold and strong smokey eyes! It’s creamy, not drying, and has quite great staying power.

Vanilly is a true red. The formula is creamy and it does leave stain after eating. The staying power is great too for such a lip color! The color payoff is opaque enough, and buildable.

Take a look too at the lid of the lip color part, there are some looks to be tried!

Gee it’s That Great!
Worth the money? Of course! Costing you at $39, this palette is a must have for the colors—I think the shades are rare, eh—and for the face section. For you who are curious about some famous theBalm’s product like their highlighter and blush, you can try the ones in this palette first before buying the real full-sized products. I got this for $23, converted IDR 310,000. Really worth the money, I should say!


Last Words?
This palette is great! The eye shadows are awesome, but never forget to use primer underneath so the color will stay longer and the color payoff is true to the pan. The highlighter and blush are super pretty and the lip colors are outstanding. Some colors in the eye shadows are a liiiiiiiiiittle bit powdery and too soft in texture, so pick it up using your brush GENTLY unless you will have some fallout issues!

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  1. eh bagus banget deh itu kayaknyaaaaa.. pengeeen :3
    selalu suka deh lin sama review kamu <3

    1. baguuus banget emang *ngeracun* :3
      makasihhhh ki! hughug!

  2. OMG Those shadow names reminds me of my favorite metal bands.. I used to love Iron Maiden, Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Blink 182 LOL!

    I always read good reviews about theBalm products but idk, never got a chance to buy them (selalu gabisa sabar kalau ikut PO) lol! nice review btw ;D

  3. Love the balm! Their louminizer is my go-to!

  4. manrik ya lin paletnyaaa..
    tp krn gaya2nya rock makanya aku ga belii ahhahaha xD

  5. olin ... jadi pengen beli ini *keracunan*
    Worthed to buy gak yak?Eyeshadownya baguskah?Sekelas sama UD atau dibawah?
    gak sabar kalo nunggu black friday november besok LoL

    1. beli! beli! beli!
      stated it above...rated it 4.5, YOU SHOULD BUY IT!!!!
      Sekelas UD. UD yang mana? UD yang semacam midnight cowboy or UD di naked?

      ini lebih buttery.. UD I'd say dia agak dry ya jd pick up agak kasar pun ngga bakal fall out. aku prefer yg smooth, soft, buttery kayak ini yang harus diperlakukan kaya putri raja *tsah*
      pick up nya harus pelan..
      LOL grab it nowwwwwwwwwwwwww, ini limited! tiap taun sale BF ngga sama loh...