Review : NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss in Beige

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Sheer lip gloss is boring! I want something that is as pigmented as lipstick, but not as drying and heavy as it is usually. I want some gloss with colors! And this NYX lip gloss from their Mega Shine range looks promising somehow, so…. Let’s give it a try then!

Simple and Sleek Packaging
The packaging is just a simple and sleek rectangular tube with black cap. NYX logo is printed on it along with the name of the product. The tube is made of clear plastic—so you can see what color is inside—a quite sturdy one.

There’s also a cute embossed bow on the top of the cap cutifying the simple overall packaging. The cap is tight enough not to open by its own self. 

It’s a wand applicator type of lip gloss, a common applicator for a lip gloss coming in a doe-foot kind. The only thing that bothers me is that this wand would push some of the liquid inside out and be spilled all around the cap once it’s tightly closed. Duh! My purse, bag, and clutch have already got stained by this gloss.

Highly Pigmented Gloss!
The one I got is in Beige—really confused with the name because it’s a pink color! A true mid-tone pink without any sparkles or glitters, which I think will look better on people with cooler undertones. It’s not too bright for people with darker skin too. The finish is more into creamy with beautiful gloss which is not over glossy.

Claiming to deliver shine, moisture, and softness with glistening color, it does its job really well. It’s true on the lips to the color seen through the clear bottle tube, yet moisturizing enough to be put on lips without lip balm underneath. The texture is a little bit sticky due to its high constituency but still the gloss glides on smoothly on lips. The staying power is good, it still has the shine after 4 hours without drinking or eating and leaves a slight stain too on me after eating. Even though it’s so pigmented and does leave slight stain, don’t worry because lightweight lip remover will just wipe away all the color without leaving any stubborn stain.

bare lips

lip gloss applied

Has that Kool-Aid Scent…
Despite of all the positive things I said above, every product from this Mega Shine range has that cherry-like-Kool-Aid scent! Or if you don’t have any ideas how Kool-Aid smells like, it’s exactly the same cherry scent with the one in VICK’S cough syrup for kid. The smells is kinda bothering, but it would disappear after few minutes.

Has Huge Range of Shades!
Comes in 50 beautiful shades with each different finish and sparkles, I would exactly buy another shades from this range! It’s madly cheap also compared to any of high-end lip gloss with the comparable quality to this one—only for $5.50!

Last Words?
I don’t think you will hate this product! It’s cheap, beautifully pigmented, and cruelty-free too. Despite of its scent and the pushing-up-lacquer wand, this product is more into a love than a loss.


Quick Tips!
Exfoliating your lips before applying this gloss alone is highly recommended, so it would glide on smoother on your lips. Even though it delivers enough moisture for your lips, it’s better to make your fine lines on lips less visible so your lips will look incredibly stunning, plumped and sexy, yet ready to be kissed!

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  1. Woooww.. Yg bikin bingung pertamanya si 'beige' dan warna di tempatnya... Aq suka juga lin model review yg baru :-)

    1. iyaaaa aku juga confused banget ce, tp waktu liat warnanya yg pink cantik gitu langsung beli!
      thanks for the comments ^O^

  2. cucok boo di bibirmu :D
    nice ripiuw!

    setuju sama Sabrina, si "beige" bikin bingung... hum hum..

  3. beli dimana ? pengennn ><

    1. PO di rie butik :) coba intip ke chic princessa!

  4. Omg. I really think you have the cutest lips~^^ Nice review! Makes me wanna buy one too.

    1. nopeeee la kristen! >.< this is surely great, go grab one. the la~la one is also cute and i love it too, wait for the review kay!

  5. cruelty free itu maksudnya gimana ya olin??
    hehehe *katrooo!*

    1. ituu ce monic, mereka ngga test produk ini aman ngga nya di binatang >.<

    2. oalaaaahhhhhh, wakakak. payah ya saya :D
      taunya no animal testing syihh :P

  6. #LOL Beige tapi Pink...
    Ahh iya tuh sebel banget kalo isi lipgloss buyar kemana2 dalam makeup bag.

  7. nice color...
    byk yg suka mega shine y?