Review : Tokyo Milk Dark Femme Fatale Lip Elixirs no.36 Salted Caramel

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Heard it from a friend, that Tokyo Milk lip balm was the best lip balm out there. Being a lip product junkie, I really wanted to try one! Wandered around, I happened not to find one. Sigh. But when I was inside Sephora’s website, finally I came across to find this product. Tokyo Milk Dark, eh? Well, shoulda the same eh since it’s just a “dark” side from the one my friend was talking about? *get slapped*

That Edgy Black Tin…
Came in a black tin jar, its design easily took my heart at the first place I saw it on Sephora’s website! Me so likey dark thingy like dat LOL. There is a Tokyo Milk and some royal swirls embossed logo on the lid. This lip elixir is kinda heavy due to its material, and that surely bothers to bring along with you on purse. 

It first came with a color band as a seal plus the real plastic seal along the lid’s opening. The color band contains information about the variant you got. The ingredients list is under the jar. Good thing, this product is formulated without synthetic dyes and comes with unique flavors! Hmm would it be good?

The Jar and The Lid Dramas
The jar’s lid was so tight and it took me like 10 minutes struggling with it, and ended up with cracked nail. Ouch! Making it worse, once it’s opened successfully the lid became less tight and got looser instead. Since it was made of metal, the body and the lid of the jar itself will be easily get scratched and dented once it’s fallen down. Nay-nay…

It comes in a jar, without a lip brush attached. Okay, girls, do you all already know that I’m a bit hygiene freak? Dipping fingers into jar? Swiping the fingers on lips? Dip them into the jar back, and all over again? NAYYYYY! So unhygienic, yo know wha?

Strong Scent, Waxy End
Once the lid is opened you will quickly smell something….weird? Something too sweet, the one which will make you dizzy. I got this in no.36, Salted Caramel which I think will just smell the “normal” caramel scent. I love sweet scent, but this one is just too much. Gah.

The product itself comes in a milky white color, which turns colorless once applied. The texture is heavy, I should say, and it cannot be absorbed into the lips—can you imagine it? It’s so waxy, like you’re having a layer of thin sticky film on your lips. It doesn’t provide enough moisture though with one single layer, but if you apply it too much, your lips will look super muddy and…..eugh for the white stains. Things to do with the staying power is awesome because it’s like, covering every single millimeter of your lips from anything, perfectly.

Bulletproof but Not Moisturizing Enough?
Claiming as a lip elixir, I should say it simply does not do the job well. It covers your lips well, as I mentioned above so bulletproof. 7 hours for the staying power? For a colorless lip product? AMAYZINCCCCC BRUH! But since I cannot stand the smell and the waxy and sticky texture, I just simply do not want to use this product again. No moisture also?

I got this for $7.00 at Will definitely not repurchase even though this product actually is a super good deal at that price. The canister is quite big at its kind, and well it surely holds a lot of product. But since this product simply doesn’t work on me, so well la…. (;A;  )


Last Words?
This thing is awesome for those who want to seal their lip color, or just simply protect their lips from the chilling winter cold days and nights. It doesn’t do the moisturizing thing on me, so I should say I would pass on this product. Too bad, because the packaging is super cute, yet the review on seems really intriguing but this product is just not right for me. So sorry, Tokyo Milk!

Have any of you try this product? What do you think about it?

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