Haul : Between 2012 and 2013 Babies

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It’s nice to be back writing on my blog again! Okay, as promised I will post about my haul. No haul post lately eh, since my last haul post in November? LOL you bet, I will post now a big, massive haul containing not only beauty items but also clothes and foods! Momma I will rock this post *run to grab some popcorn*

Let’s start with my fashion haul! Granny just got back from HK last December, and she bought me that cute geometrical hi-waist shorts plus a cute long sleeves tee from Kilara. It’s Hello Kitty and pink! XD
 The cute vintage skirt was bought accidentally, I wasn’t planned to buy that LOL because I thought I looked super fat in that skirt but Moms loved it, well so yeah she bought it for me. It’s unbranded and was just only for $7? \()

These are some hair accessories my Granny brought me. I super love the black one, as it looks like my previous furry hair accessories from Granny’s Cousin, I-po Xiao Hui (okay, I believe her name is written this way. Gran speaks “Hui” in “Veeeeeee” and such a thing, she calls her “Siao Veeeeee” and things. Or any other explanation from a girl who named Xiao Vee nee-chan? *get slapped*)

Next let’s move to a food—chocolate haul! Moms just got back from SG, she brought me home a lot of chocolate from any brands. Both of us are really chocoholics! Pssst, I once fought with her just because of cheap chocolate -___- LOL. And by the time I’m writing this post, all of them are almost gone to my stomach and hers LOL.

And now the beauty haul! LOL I should admit, I’d joined a lot of shopping spree since the last Black Friday. And the Christmas and New Year holiday, plus this upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, all the items I ordered will be received super late! (;A;  ) So well that’s the only reason why did I keep postponing this haul post. Still, by the time I’m writing this I am supposed to have received all the items I ordered in my hands but well the fact is I haven’t… But I said no more to postponing the haul post! No. more.

Okay, so there are some items that I haven’t reviewed out yet, right? I promise I will finish up all the reviews by these upcoming two weeks! Tomorrow I’m going to join a business and management contest too, which will take like 3-4 days for the final. Gotta be a super busy bee! *buzz buzz*

And psst, wait for my February haul okay? There will be a lot of items—all my vanity and impulsive buyings… *sigh*

Okay I think that’s all for my haul post this time. The upcoming months, I hope *ahem* the items hauled will be lesser than they are in this post. I should’ve saved some more for my HK trip!

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3 kisses

  1. #LOL I use to fight with my Dad because of a chocolate too.. We're the choco addicts at home!!

  2. waa olin haul make up mu menggoda apalagi the balm jovi-nya. Itu yg didalamnya ada mary lou manizer kan yak?Nice haul ^^

  3. cute haul!!!!!!! i saw the candy picture and was like OMG CANDY!!!
    Wanna follow me? chiccupcake1.blogspot.com
    -Jen <3