Announcement : A Hundred Giveaway's Winner!

by - 8:37 PM

Okay so today is the most waited day ever! I know that, because today I will announce my first giveaway’s winner. Woo! Raise your hand up, those who cannot wait to see the result!

First I wanna thank all of your for participating, thank you, thank you for the support and for your submissions and entries! Thank you for all your honest comments about this blog. I promise you girls I will improve this blog, to be better and better. I won’t stop, I will always learn to do my best in this blog. So don’t stop supporting me, I believe one day I can make a blog which is useful for everyone!

And yes….beside of the happiness and cheers, I would like to tell you girls that I feel, so, so sad to know about this. This giveaway is just for fun, let me stressing in the word ‘FUN’ once again. This is not a serious thing, and this is not a test by the way!!! So…….NO NEED TO CHEAT EH?
I appreciate all your keens to join this giveaway, thank you, for joining. But please, everybody has the same chance to win this giveaway, why cheating then? If you want to get more points, legally, you can do the daily entry. I’d included one daily entry for you to add your points. There’s no need to cheat, darling (;A;  ) I wish there will be no cheating in my next giveaway la, let’s compete in a fair way!

Okay, so the winner is.....................................................

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Please e-mail me your name, and full address. I will wait for your reply 2 x 24 hours before I start to pick another winner. So please, please pleaseeeee reply my e-mail fast! I’m so happy to have you as the winner darling, and thank you once again for those who have joined this giveaway. Wait for my next giveaway, hopefully very soon okay \(^O^)/

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