I'm a GIG Member Now!!! And a Giveaway Inside

by - 10:28 PM

What is GIG?
GIG is short for Girls Inspired Group, a group full of blogger from so many sections in life. From beauty to lifestyle. From the name itself I bet you can easily guess that the members are all women. Woo! We inspire each other there, support, and talk to each other just like in a family. Being found in end November, GIG’s now reached more than a hundred members just in two weeks! How amazing is that? I was invited by Nova Novi, thanks to her tee-hee. Never thought GIG is supaaaa guh-reattt!

And to celebrate this, co-founders of this group chose to hold a giveaway. Here’s the prize :

This newly-released beauty cleanser will come with ElishaCoy Vita Cleansing Foam as well, to complete your cleansing beauty experience! (will be purchased from a trusted seller wishtrend.com)

This giveaway is opened worldwide, to GIG’s members and non-members. So do not hesitate to join okay! You’re free to join as GIG’s members too. All the admins are very helpful and all the members are very welcome to the newcomers. I love how kind they’re la, hope we can soon grow into a bigger community and spread love, as inspiring instead. We can together build this community into something good and amazing!

Simply click here to go to Sweet Jelly Bean’s blog for more information about GIG and this giveaway.

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7 kisses

  1. Replies
    1. join juga ceeee! orang2nya baik >.< helpful juga hehehe

  2. Aww, what a super sweet entry to our GIG 100 Giveaway, well now over 200 members! Thank you for sharing the gig love on your blog! :-) xx

    xx D @ sweetjellybean.com
    (GIG Founder)

  3. waw girls inspired group keren yaaa
    mau join boleh? :)

  4. cool!!

    visit my blog ^^