FOTD : Is She Green-ed Up?

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Remember how I always look, and dress cute like almost all the time? LOL dressing cute like this is not what I was doing back there when I was in Junior High School! I was like, doing the goth, rock style with black, red, and etc. Pink was almost not my color XD But now that I’m grown up, I started to love cute things when it’s almost not my time to wear a-line skirt and cute ribbon anymore (>ɜ< ”)

Soooooo today, I’m doing something different for my FOTD! It’s almost related to Christmas too, so there will be gold, green, (no red, sorry!) and sparkles, and glitter. Boom. And no cuteness! I’m trying to look mature, and grown up….by changing my hair style. No more straight bangs LOL, hope I’m doing it well! Because yes, next year, I’m planning to wear this look mostly. Still dunno yet but I’ve been considering my new more grown up style.

if my face was this real life (;A;  )

Babbling no more, let’s take a look at the pictures! Selcas ahead!

my bangs! boom!

And here’s the details for the eyes, I’m doing a winged green smokey eyes. With gold, and gold sparkles touch! Still a mess eh? I have to learn more  in doing smokey eyes ﻭ(^O^)
eye detail, a little bit droppy eh?

closed eye

And after all this hard attempt, I must admit I camwhored a lot….LOL hope you like my photos! I just can’t choose which one not to be uploaded, so well I uploaded this all. Just prepare for my silly fierce look. Rawrrrrks~

superrrr fierce like RAWR


Products Used
Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream
Clinique Blended Face Powder in Translucent Beige
Etude Lovely Cookie Blusher #2
Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

Urban Decay Skull Eyeshadow Palette in Oil Slick, Vert, Midnight Cowboy Rides Again, Blunt
Milani LIQUIF’EYE Metallic Pencil Liner in Black
Dollywink Liquid Liner in Black
Lioele Eyelashes in 06
Missha Eyebrow Kit

Shiseido Maquillage Crystallizing Lip Palette in #34 (Shade 1, 2)
L’Oreal Miss Candy Lipstick in 507 Miss Raspberry


So how was it? Am I doing it good? Yeah it’s sooooooooo hard to take the right angle for right pictures! My face are super round and superrrrrr chubby that’s why it’s kinda hard la to look mature blah (;A;  )

songong face XD

silly face is a must in every FOTD post LOLOLOL
That’s all for now girls, go drop your comments below. And oh, HO HO HO let me wish all of you a…………………

Merry Christmas 2012!

Wishing all of you a merry-berry Christmas, and a happy new year too! See you hopefully tomorrow with reviews, yes, a lot to be sure, because of my absence in past few weeks ago (;A;  )


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24 kisses

  1. I think ur mature style really failed... coz u have such a really cuttteee face haha... so sorry.. but it's my honest opinion ^^v

    1. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLL *scream*
      yeah, i know that...this is my best of what I can do (;A; ) too bad eh? LOLzee, how can i achieve the mature look... >.<

    2. hahahaha.. fix ur eyebrows.. thick eyebrows make u look younger...

  2. teteuuupp kece nih >,<
    beb..tutorialnyaa donk..thak tunggu yaa :* :*

    1. slalu gagal ci (;A;) *nangis di pojokan*
      iyaaaaa, sabar ya ci, taun depan pasti banyak tutorial! promise!

  3. i think it's better to look cute and young than mature lin.. as time comes, we will look mature by its own, you know.. and mostly people prefer look younger.. ntar bbrp taun lagi km pasti ngertii :D
    tp skrg ya this style looks good on you but you still look cute :p

    1. yessss, i know people want to get younger bcs i wanna stay "forever sixteen"! >.< but just trying to look mature ce, in case I have to be involved in doing makeup for photoshoot etc, and the model (or ME LOL >.<) have to look 100% different ._.
      i should learn more! gerrrr
      iye, kenapa ini muka ya.........

  4. sexyyyy...=)
    i am new follower...=)

    1. hi there ncy, thank you and welcome to my blog! *kiss*
      LOL think I nailed the look? Achieved the sexiness? :p

  5. 2 foto terakhir itu sukses bok~ kelihatan maturenya... Hahaha... Ngga apa toh lin awet imutnya? :p

    1. bukannya foto yang tengah ce? >.< yang trakir malah cute IMO sih :p

  6. ugh. looking very very naughtyy! ahaha.. you still look cute btw, line! XD

    1. yesssss naughty like rawkssss! XD herherehrehreeeerrrr...failed to look mature and sexy eh ce? ._.

  7. Aww you are too cute. You would be a totally adorable punk I guess. Merry Christmas :)

    Aree With Umbrella
    Vote me

    1. nopeee >.<
      i was so into like goth-rock style when i was in junior high school LOL XD
      merry (late) christmas too are! <3

  8. Hi, i'm new follower in here!
    You look so cool with that mature style, but it's make you look like a fan of a rock band.
    Bikin tutorialnya ya kak! :)

    1. hayyyy there, novia!
      LOL really? i actually just realized why ppl keep talking that i'll make a good punk, or a rock tanktop is too "punk" eh LOL >.<

      soon dear! i hope very soon, banyak utang tutorial nih, taun depan ya dijamin :D

  9. Foto kedua dari bawah yang paling sukses diantara semua.. mungkin penegasan di matanya kurang pol.. :p
    anyway, still look cute... hahahaha..

  10. superrr beautifully mature ❤
    tutor please >.<

    anyway, join my giveaway!
    win IDR50.000,- gift vouchers
    and get all stuffs with a half price! ❤

  11. waaaaaaa you're so pretty sis! I love the way you added highlight to your eyes, it looks amazing! <3 kelihatan dewasa ya.. <3
    Merry Christmas^^

    you're invited to join my beauty giveaway, win Etude Girl, Face Shop, and Skinfood products! click here :D

  12. dewasa banget lin! thumbs up! <3 hihihi