Review : Vivian Pineapple 3-tones Lens in Green [SPONSORED]

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Talking about circle lenses with me will meet no end! I’m interested both in dramatic circle lenses and the natural ones. There are some occasions I believe you won’t look so much or drawing too much attention right, and that’s what circle lenses with natural effect are made for! *excited much*

I got this lens from Cheapysoft by Nadia Nicky. This is Vivian Pineapple 3-tones series, which I’ve been wanted for looooong long time ago! Thanks to her for making my old dream comes true (♥ɜ♥)

Product Info
Brand : Vivian
Color : Green
Water content : 48%
Diameter : 17.2 mm
Base Curve : 8.6
Duration : 1 year (disposable)

 Available in Prescription
Yes, it’s available in prescription! From 0.00 (plano) to 5.00. I got mine in 3.50 for both lenses as usual ~ ( °ɜ° )/

lens inside in
lens inside out
 Enlarging Eyes in a Natural Way
Outer ring, check. It has black-almost-gold outer ring just like the other enlarging-eyes lens, the color is black also, but not as vivid as the other black outer ring on other lenses. This semi-transparent black outer ring gives you more natural look when worn because it’s barely visible. The enlargement is so-so thus.

no lens
left eye with lens put on
both eyes with lens
Please see the pictures below! See, my left eye looks soooo bright, so lively yet dazzling! I love how this lens make it shiny, and bright just like those girl in anime. Can’t stop adoring my eyes while wearing this….wow the effect is like my eyes were made of crystal!

evil face LOL

˟ Not-so-Friendly?
Even though this lens has a very pretty color, natural look, and high water content, it’s a little bit drying in my eyes. Yet, it hurts and feels itchy so much when first put on my eyes (;A;   ) But then the pain went away after 2 minutes tho….

hmm, wish it could be friendlier!

Judging Time!
Comfort :  ♥♥♥♥♥
It hurts a lot when first put in my eyes! Like, some red lines appear…. And about the comfort, too bad that I found it a little bit drying after 5 hours. Itchiness also disturbs me a lot, dropping solution helps a lot tho. I think the water content is not too high for me (;A;  ) The third heart was meant for the lens thickness! It's super thin, I can barely feel them in my eyes~

Color : ♥♥♥♥♥
I love, love love the color! It’s green, and it is decent too. This lens is a 3 tones colored lens, which usually blends naturally with your eyes and I love that.

Design : ♥♥♥♥
The pattern blends naturally with my dark brown eyes, but I put one heart down for the transparent strokes in the lenses. I wish the transparent spaces would be filled with yellowish green or green color.

Enlargement : ♥♥♥♥♥
This lens will enlarge your eyes, but the enlargement effect is just around 14.8 mm. There’s nothing so near to 17.2 mm! But surely the enlargement is not too dramatic due to the natural look it brings. So yeah

“Everything has good and bad in them. Bearable still!”

Last Words?
Wear this lens during your night outs! This simply will make your eyes dazzling like a crystal and surely make them very seductive…..what? (///o//) I totally love how this lens can do to my whole look. I can be either innocent, a cute village girl or a deadly-but-super-beautiful women in black leather suit *get slapped* The only thing that disturbs me is that it’s not comfortable enough when first put, and it’s a little bit drying after 5 hours. The natural look it gives also is very pretty and amazing!

cute right LOL

By the way, if you’re interested in this lens, go buy this at Cheapysoft by Nadia Nicky here :
Twitter : @naddnicky
BB Pin : 26D4B2F4
Facebook : Nadia Nicky

Because I have the coupon “caroline” or “carolinelle” to get 5% discount. She sells contact lenses with surely cheap price! Aaaaaaand guess what?

Pssst, I use this lens also in my latest FOTD here. Go check it to find more of my selcas

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  1. fabulous..!but the color is brighter. i thought vivian is natural.
    your pictures are nice :)

    1. thankyou nova <3 yes, the color is bright but still natural la, go with eye makeup to calm the color down! :)
      thankyou :*

  2. ayuuu beb <3
    lebih unyuu dr yg kemarin..syukaaaaa :*

    1. thankyouuuuu ci :*
      oyeh? ini mau keriting rambutnyo sayang gagal -_-

    2. wkwkkw..pantesan yg kanan agak berombak >,<

  3. Heh adik cantik! *cubit pipi* aduh imut e seh arek iniiii. Hahahahaha.. Apik liinnnn <3

    1. cece sabbbbbbb *peluk*
      gak lahhhh >.< thankyouuu ce :*

    2. Iya yohhh... Ntik nek ketemu lagi tak cubit pipimu sungguaannnn~ Lalalala~ *pelukk*
      Sama-samaaa :* :*

  4. I have the brown ones :DD hihi.. the brown one looks super natural *puppy eyes*

  5. imutnaa... warna lensenya bagussss...

  6. ihiiyyy :D
    walaupun eike ndak suka warna ijo, but, to be honest it looks PRETTY in your eyes.. :D :D :D


  7. ur so cute and i really like ur blog..following u now.

    aniwei, pingin deh bsa pake softlense macem2 kaya gitu, tpi mata ku sensitive banget, udh coba apa aja pasti gak sampe setengah jam udh merah2 dan berair -__-