Advertorial : Lil'Shaww Lens by MarshaDnB

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Hey Angels!
Just a flash news here, that I’m bringing you one brand-new online shop that sells contact lenses for cheap and reasonable price! Marsha from Lil’Shaww has just launched her supaaaa awsum online shop, Lil’Shaww Lens, here.  Go check her shop because she has the greatest offers on contact lenses ever!

And yes, not only selling contact lenses, this awesome little girl (believe it or not she’s younger than me OMG) also sells accessories like bracelets, rings, and etc. All still, in reasonable price that is guh-reaaaaat for a high school student like me la LOL

Thanks to her too, I have a coupon for my lovely readers! 
Just use the code : carolinelle5 to receive 5% discount on any contact lenses purchase. 
No minimum order tho! So, go click on the banner on my right sidebar.

You can also find her and make your purchase here :

Facebook : Lil’Shaww Lens
Twitter : @lilshaww
E-mail :

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2 kisses

  1. oOoO~ this looks nice~ def. checking it out~


  2. get your lens at her shop-she got the best deal! XD plus 5% discount tho :D