Review : Sonia Kashuk Hidden Agenda Concealer Palette

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After watching some videos from bubzbeauty, I noticed one thing from her Airplane Beauty video. She started to conceal her under-eye circles and her puffy eyes with a concealer, and I was very impressed with the result! But searching for this concealer was rather hard because it’s only available at

But lucky me, and I think it might be caused because I personally have a link, a special heart-to-heart relation with this concealer that I found this concealer, in brand new sealed, (cheap price also LOL) at CC’s mini beauty sale in Female Daily Market Plaza!

Sonia Kashuk is a drugstore brand which owned by Target. Guess that’s why it’s only available at Target eh (/°ɜ°)/ *get slapped* 

This concealer palette is for $10.49 at, and it has netto weight 0.14 oz (3.9 gram).

Don’t rip of the plastic seal too quick! Go take a look at their ingredients list first la, it’s good to pay attention to what you put on your face *wink* And from the reading I see dat..………well methylparaben is surely inevitable eh?

Comes in a sleek white packaging, it has perfect magnetic lid which shuts very good and not likely to be opened on its own in your pouch. It has clear transparent lid to, so you can easily take a look at the products inside. The packaging doesn’t look cheapo! Simple but not too much. And as it comes in a compact-sized this is surely travel friendly. 

They only miss one thing as for the packaging : BRUSHES PLEASE! It’s very unhygienic to dip your fingers into the product each time you wanna use it.

This palette has 4 shades in it.
1 : Number one is a olive green-toned corrector. It works as a neutralizer on your redness, acne, and blemishes.
2 : Number two is a translucent powder to set up the concealer.
3 : Number three is the most light shade on this palette. It’s a light, pinkish beige color for me. This is to brighten up your under-eye area after wearing the color number 4 as a dark circles concealer.
4 : Number four is the darkest shade on this palette, it’s a salmon color. This one works as a dark circle concealer because orange will cover up blue color well.

I love using my fingers to apply this concealer because the warmth of my fingers will help it to melts better and sets into the skin well. Using a synthetic hair brushes is more recommended too, than to use natural hair ones. Brush give you more coverage, by the way!

Here’s the swatch on my hand :

And the before-after photos. Know you’d love it!

The left photo is the ‘after’. My redness are totally covered, but my texture is slightly improved. Duh. Oh, and I haven’t applied foundation yet anyway. It’s the concealer only. Yay!

This is my puffy eyes. The ‘before’ photo! Gah.

My ‘after’ photo. I noticed the puff is lessened, but I need more coverage…more more more to cover my whole puff! Think this concealer is good to conceal my dark circles but I need more for my puffy eyes. I used the salmon one for undereye by the way, and set it with the translucent powder. Love!

          CHEAP. Got it for IDR 130.000. It’s $10.49 for retail in
            LONG LASTING.
            CREAMY TEXTURE.
            NOT STICKY.
            TRAVEL FRIENDLY. The size, the packaging…
            MIX YOUR OWN COLOR!

            ˟ DOES NOT COME WITH BRUSH. It’s very unhygienic, once again to dip down your fingers in!
            ˟ DOES NOT COME WITH A MIRROR. A minor cons, though.
            ˟ ONLY COME IN ONE SHADE. This concealer palette will not match those with NC/NW 30 and above. I am NC/NW20, and NC/NW25 at my darkest shade though so this concealer palette is still wearable. Not too dark nor too light.



I found out this concealer palette is super amazing. It’s great in price and quality, no wonder why so many bloggers out there rave about this concealer. Even though owning one concealer is not enough for me, I’d still repurchase once I hit the pan. This is a must own, a travel friendly product.

So, do you own this product? What do you think about it?

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  1. Replies
    1. mantappp ce >.< ditunggu dari cc, reviewnya makeoveer!

  2. thanks for the review... :) The concealer isn't travel friendly.. coz u have to bring own brush n mirror xD

    ur new follower here :)

    1. you're welcome! hope it helps :D
      ahhh the size and the shades carried are still travel friendly, LOL even though adding brush wud be great! >.<

  3. Replies
    1. iyaaaa ci >.< tp cakepppp kok ini, so worry not!

  4. wow aku jd ngiler linnn.. ini bikin fine lines di bawah mata jd keliatan ngga? >.<
    nice reviewww

    1. asik asik ce shelvi teracuni *sebar racun* kalo terlalu tebel kayanya bakal set the fine lines ce. set sama powdernya, udah ga keliatan lg kok :p

  5. dohh.. knp ga ada brush yaaa hhahaha.. thanks for review this..

    1. iyaaaa >.< gak ada brushnya :( jd kudu colek-colek. but still i prefer fingers than brush! lebih rata pake tangan >.<

  6. I really really want to try this!
    Wish it was available in UK

    1. me too, wish it's available locally here in Indonesia. maybe you can buy it from eBay sellers :)

  7. Great review!! Yea i saw this lots on target and they actually have a sale one time when i was there but it sold out so quickly! Bummer. Well i will wait for the sale again and will give it a try.

  8. bagus banget~ udah pengen ini dari lama tapi ga kebeli2~ hikz