Introducing: Vividly, Where Art Meets Fashion

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Being a girl with passion in makeup and stuffs, I believe they’re something to do with my passion in arts too! However, people express their love & passion in arts in few different ways. While I share my love with makeup, here comes Vividly, an online community and e-commerce website that partners with visual artists to create garments and fashion pieces just for those who have a deep passion in fashion and artistic designs!

Vividly is an US based e-commerce website, sharing items which was made very carefully and whole-heartedly by those who loves art, for those who loves art more. Every piece of their products was designed by over 60 fabulous artists, and were made of fine fabrics, yet printed using digital textile printing with eco-friendly, water-based pigments ink. All the items displayed on the website are made in USA, and is a pre-order item. No worries, being pre-order items don’t take you long before you can finally try them out. 6-7 days are enough for you to wait before the pieces are finally on their way to your home.


Love the artists, and their work? Don’t worry! The high passion Vividly has in fine art makes them giving the 10% of the revenue back to the artists. Wearing precious pieces of the artists, indeed is one of a good and legal way to work their ways for a bigger, greater project!

The Artists!
You love the design, you love the pieces, and you eagerly want to make your own design there? Simply join here; you can be your very own designer and artist at Vividly. Either being a buyer or an artist, still you’re working for the same passion and the same goal: spreading the love about art!


Especially for my very beloved blog readers, who currently is an US residents, Vividly kindly provides a discount code for all of you! This is a rare chance—well, when you will get such a good discount for a fine art project? 20% off for all orders, using the code BBREADER2901.

By today Vividly only ships to US residents, but sharing it more and more will surely helps for it to be known fast and the chance of shipping, expanding the business worldwide will be increased just in no time!

If you have any questions about Vividly, you can always visit their website here or simply connect with them via:

Share the love, share the art!

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