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Girls, and all the girls out there who loves nail art, have you heard or known about NailBar? Nope? Well, me neither until I was invited by the owner, Ce Fransiska last Friday to a special event! And…what was that?

Basically 5 bloggers in Surabaya were chosen to attend this event, it was all about special treatment to us. The event was held at Starbucks Coffee in SOGO Tunjungan Plaza IV Surabaya, and yes it was a manicure-nail art event so imagine how epic it was to do manicure in coffee shop LOLOLOL

why so serious, Ce Mindy?

almost there, ce Mindy, almost there.

Before getting into the report deeper, I want to kindly introduce you to NailBar! It was actually a manicure-nail art-massage service, but what’s the difference with the ones you usually see the booths at malls? NailBar still doesn’t have a booth of their own, but they offer something new: a home service! Yes, they will come to your house at the time & place of your liking. Unique and fun concept, eh? I never heard of such service so this is very interesting for me. I was kinda regretted why I didn’t know about them yet back there when I was having my sweet bday dinner because my nails were very awful that day LOL

First of all I was bad for being late, sorry Ce Fransiska & Ce Yusi!!! I lost my shoes and it’s a long story plus, the traffic jam was very awesome…maybe Surabaya will soon be as crowded as Jakarta. Phew. When I reached Starbucks all the bloggers and crews were already there and had their nails been worked on, and soon I was greeted by Ce Fransiska and being introduced to the rest of the crews, Ce Yusi and Mbak Murti J

Ce Yusi and Ce Fransiska were both the owner of NailBar2013, and Mbak Murti was their assistant in doing the manicure before we got into the nail art. As you can see in thousand pictures below, it was only Ce Yusi and Ce Fransiska who did the nail art. They’re very professional and talented, all of them also wearing a mask for hygiene reason. Yay!

Ce Mindy’s nails were being worked by Ce Fransiska, while Ce Shelvi’s nails were by Ce Yusi.

Only I and Ce Lina left to enjoy our drink and talking about tons of topics, killing time! XD
I ordered Green Tea Blended Cream, yummy~

Ce Shasha just got her nails started!

And after the others were done with their pretty nails, now it’s my turn! I was the last to being worked at, so well to save time (because it’s already late too!) my nails were worked by both of the owners, after being manicured by Mbak Murti. Anyway, this is my very first time of being manicured and having nail art, so let me show you first 17-years-old-nails-that-never-been-done. Ugly, I know. That’s why I never really got interested in nail art because no matter what I did to them, they’d never been pretty *sob*

Mbak Murti was very friendly too! Too bad I didn’t snap a picture of her—maybe because we were talking a lot too much so I forgot to snap at least one? Here’s a group picture of us, and she was at the most right in the photo:

MEH LOOKING SO FAT -- credit to Ce Mindy's Blog

Okay, and here’s a stack of nail dummies that had been done by Nailbar. I was finding a hard time to fine one that’s pretty yet would suit my ugly, short, and big nails. Ehm.

 I finally chose to combine few designs, and Ce Yusi helped me out to draw a draft of how my nails would be done!

still halfway through., and pay attention to Ce Yusi's nailart! So pretty!

and that's how my nails would be done!

And…well. Since I was the last person there, the other bloggers had gone home so nobody to take pictures of me this is the only snapped photo by Ce Lina (;A;  ) let's thank her!

NailBar used no ordinary nail polishes instead of gel polishes. The gel polishes is the latest innovation in nail world, they last longer on nails but of course the product cannot stand alone. Brand of the gel polishes were Red Carpet, and it’s a UK brand. As what Ce Lina stated here, the gel polishes also had foundation of their own LOL now nails are just as primped as our face, eh!

Gel polishes could not dry on their own. So that’s the reason why I have one alien-ish, blue-ish picture right here LOL I feel so awesome, and this photo really reminds me of the tingling sensation I got on my fingers back there


Anddddd here my thumb was being done by Ce Yusi….

Before finally being finished with a top coat by Ce Siska!

Here are the products used to do my nails…
P.S: I’ve read other bloggers’ reports and I think the products they used for me were the most… okay.

Here’s the detail!

The thumbs are white-based, stripy blue with a cute little heart in pink. The index and ring fingers are muted tosca based, with some dots accent in white. They’re the cutest, I bet! And for my middle fingers, erhm they were ugly in design…well it’s actually my asking, don’t blame NailBar LOL I know I have such poor sense in such thing! Finally, blue French manicure for my little fingers.

I also received a goodie bag, with these items inside <3

Since NailBar is based in Surabaya, therefore they will be doing the nail services for Surabaya residents only. If you’re really interested in their home service, you can contact them by the CP-s down here:

Fransiska Khoe
BB: 261D2FAD | Whatsapp: 082142497799

Yusi Jayanita
BB: 28C47DAD | Whatsapp: 081703296200

Or simply visit their Facebook & Twitter Page!

They also have BeautyBar2010, it’s an online shop that sells Korean Products too, via Instagram. The name is @beautybar2010

thanks to Ce Mindy's Hubby for this pic!

That’s all for the report, overall I was very glad to attend this special event and I’m definitely looking forward for more nail jobs with them. Thank you, NailBar! XOXO

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