Review: Maybelline Bold Matte Lipsticks MAT 6 & MAT 7

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Matte lipsticks again, that’s what popped out in your mind soon as you read the title? Mind not, lately my addiction to matte lips products simply gets worse! Maybelline, my recent favorite drugstore brand has one new range consisting of matte lipsticks only! Curious much?

Maybelline Bold Matte
Say goodbye to drying, chalky, powdery matte lip color! Introducing a new level of matte lip color, that delivers luminous, bold, and vivid colors, infused with luxurious mattifying milk for a smooth velvety texture that glides on easily. Enriched with crystal-pure pigments, for superior color saturation, and honey nectar for soft, nourished lips.
-Smooth, velvety texture
- Easy to apply
- Bold, vivid colors
- Hydrating matte formula
- Even coverage 

Matte from the Cap?
The packaging comes in tube type, just as you seen these pictures. The body was covered with plastic seal, and the brand & product’s name were printed on it. Once you tear it off, and it’s gone for good, leaving a daring red, cloudy matte plastic cap covering 7/8 part of the whole lipstick’s body.

ingredients list

You can see the shade’s name on the bottom part of the lipstick. There’s no specific name for each shade, but there’s number for each. The lipstick’s body is made of a mirror like material, and it attracts fingerprints—sometimes causing annoyance, eh!

Today I’m going to review 2 shades out of the total available 5 shades in Indonesia! I reached these two babies the least, because, I think I would never work them out…but soon I realized I was wrong.

Brand New Feeling of Matte
Loving matte this damn much, I am now able to tell which matte formula I like, and which I don’t. Experience is always your best teacher! Maybelline Bold Matte offers you a brand new feeling of matte: no tugging, no dry feeling, it’s all about matte but not the dead matte. The formula is rather creamy than any other matte lipsticks, and the finish is not really matte actually, it still has the tiniest bit of crème finish.

It glides easily on lips with minimal tugging power (well does that phrase even exist LOL) and one single swipe is already enough to cover your whole lips. The color, yet is true to what you see in the bullet—sometimes if you’re not ready to work the bold color out, you even want to dab and blend away or blot the lipstick up! Trust me!

Never Forget Lip Balm, No Matter What
For the formula itself being not really matte instead of creamy, it doesn’t really dry lips out. But if it settles into lips’ lines, yes it does, if there’s no lip balm underneath. So please, always do remember to apply lip balm beforehand! Even so, the staying power is awesome without eating/drinking. It lasts for more than 4 hours on me, without any signs of fading or so, but if you’re going to have a heavy and happy greasy meal, you exactly wanna reapply afterward! It transfers onto glass’ surface, but it doesn’t feather—even I wear no lip liner underneath. Think it still does a great job!

Cute Vampy Red, Sultry Nude Beige
MAT 6 is a vampy, dark maroon red color. It’s a truly F/W color for me, leaning more blue-based than neutral. It brightens up the complexion and is a classic vampy color, not that cheapo red—you know what I mean—red color. Some people think it’s scary and too dark for their liking, but it’s not really that scary. I can work it soft or bold, and in either way I can still look damn gorgeous—well, the color actually is.

MAT 7 is a…well, how to describe it? A true light/medium beige color, once again it leans more into neutral color family with no mauve hint and erhm, actually lacking in pink hint also because it’s true beige. People rarely like this color, but…once again, I love it on my NC20 skin tone. I hardly find the right nude lips for me to wear with soft smokey eyes—some are too pale to wear alone—but this one really goes well even with very minimal eye makeup. Bold cheeks-soft eyes-nude lips trend!

(L-R) MAT 6 - MAT 7

And here’s the look I made with the lipsticks! Gorgeous not?

MAT 7!

MAT 6 <3

I wear red for cute, and nude beige for sexy. In both photos my hair is curly, so no cheating with the hairstyle kay! Throw away the paradigm of “red is always being sexy”—it can be cute as pink usually is; and “nude is always natural”—give me one and I can turn myself sexy. LOL.

Maybelline Bold Matte Lipsticks retail for IDR 71,900 or simply $7.5 each. I still have two more of them to review, yes, and I’m missing one shade again because I think it simply won’t work on me. Soon the other two lipsticks’ review will be up, so stay tune!


Last Words?
Loving these to the moon and back! I wish Maybelline would expand this range, and make it available for every country. The formula, staying power, and the trueness of the color—can I wish for more? Bold Matte is bold—in a beautiful way—and matte, yet is still, until today, too good to be true (and missed). Triple love!

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