Review: Canmake Whip Mousse Lip 02 Honey Orange

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Matte, matte, matte! I can never get enough of matte lip products, no matter if they come in cream, liquid, stick & solid type…anything, I just can’t get enough! This item was from my Hong Kong Haul, in case you missed the post here, and it’s like not so many people knowing it…Am I right? Into the review, then!

New to Japan!!!* A completely new texture lip
Matte color in a soft mousse.
Liberate yourself from the girlish privilege of "moist, glossy lips" with a new look: "handsome lips"This uncoquettish style of lip color will change the entire look of your make-up.
You can use it on your lips or your cheeks!!!
*our investigation

Flat Wand Applicator
The packaging come in a tube style, with clear body and mirror-like cap made of thick plastic. The plastic seal covers its whole body, and there are a lot of unknown words in Japanese (‘’ !!) I guess I will just pick the description from Canmake’s official website, then. Product’s name is printed along the tube in white.

Beautiful Canmake engrave on the top of the cap! The applicator is in wand type and housed in the cap also. Tip is not doe-foot like common lipgloss applicator, it’s thin and flat which makes quite a hard time while doing the cupid bow, honestly…

True Orange Color!
The one I bought in shade 02 Honey Orange. It’s a true orange color, energizing one. It’s not leaning red, yet not leaning brown. It’s a perfect orange color for me!

Loving the Formula!
The formula is however lighter than NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, and it’s easier to spread also. Being lighter also means the coverage and color payoff of this product is also lesser than NYX’s, but that’s not really a problem for me because I have pale lips and one layer is quite enough to show up the orange color. Layering it twice yet doesn’t feel or look heavy, buildable enough. I never actually experienced feathering/slipping yet too!

lip swatch! sorry for the bad quality photo ;w;

Not Drying, Great Staying!
The finish is matte, of course, even no shine at all. It doesn’t actually accentuate fine lines, but it tends to set into fine lines after few hours so I prefer a lip balm underneath. Always wear lip balm, no matter what lip product you will be wearing kay? J

After wearing it for 3-4 hours, still, my lips don’t feel dried or devastated at all. I love the staying power also, it fades a lot after a meal but not when you drink even it may transfer to the glass.

I bought this at Sasa Hong Kong, even not all Sasa carries Canmake! This one was from Sasa at Sheung Wan’s harbor, but I think any Sasa in Mong Kok or Causeway Bay should carry some. It was retailing for HKD$78 (around $11), and it seriously was cheaper in Japan (for retailing only 580yen! Around $5.8!!) But repurchasing is something I will exactly do, I’m curious about the other colors!


Last Words?
Loving this product very much! In terms of the formula, should I say I prefer the lightness Canmake Whip Mousse Lip has. I prefer Canmake’s formula to NYX’s, it’s also less drying tbh! But the shade range of Canmake is only ¼ out of the NYX ones, so well…that’s the only minus I can tell so far. It’s still budget-friendly, as we know Canmake is also one of the popular and great drugstore brand from Japan. If you’re looking a matte, orange lip cream that you’ve been through a hard time finding one like what I have before, try this! No regret at all <3

Have you tried this product, or you just heard about it now? Share your thoughts below! XOXO ~

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4 kisses

  1. This is such a pretty shade! The texture sounds really interesting too xx

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  2. Very nice review ^_^
    I wish I could try that too T_T
    Can I find it in Indonesia?

  3. warnanya cakep banget say, brush nya juga lucu flat gitu ><

  4. I love Nyx soft matte lip cream.. haha
    The colour is really beautifull.. another great choice for matte lip cream..
    Thank you for the review carol.. look beautiful on you<3