Review: Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Makeup

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 The NAKED hype, is that over already? Well if do you think it already is, hold on for few minutes ahead, and read one of the Urban Decay product from this NAKED range which I swear to be my only holy grail after some few years playing around with makeup.

 Hey, Sexy Packaging!
Urban Decay NAKED Skin Makeup is described as “weightless, ultra definition liquid makeup”.  The packaging is so pretty, don’t ask me why I bought this—it’s all about the packaging, only. I honestly didn’t have any attention to any other products from the NAKED range aside of their palettes because they were all looked “overrated” for me, but the packaging of this foundation easily got my heart beat fast: its outer box has light bronze color as the base and metal grey as for the printed information on it.

The bottle is made of a thick plastic, but surprisingly it still looks super duper sturdy and sophisticated. It’s tall and slim—very sexy! The accent color is the same dark metal grey color which used back there those on the box. Also the bottle comes with pump, so goodbye to the difficulties of pouring out products and messiness caused by it.

Feels like wearing nothing, yet Urban Decay's Naked Skin transforms your complexion. Skin looks natural, illuminated and bright with a luminous demi-matte finish: like the beautiful skin you were born with. This remarkable foundation is oil-free, paraben free and formulated with light-diffusing spheres that literally make you look professionally retouched. How does it work? Naked Skin uses optical blurring technology to blur your imperfections, making it the ultimate in ultra definition.

This revolutionary makeup loads skin with a list of nourishing ingredients including: Matrixyl 3000 (a powerful anti-wrinkle peptide), protective and brightening Litchiderm, antioxidant Green Tea and Sodium Hyaluronate for optimal skin hydration and nutrient absorption.



18 Shades for Everyone
NAKED Skin has a great range of color for everyone, though people like me—warm undertones, but not too warm nor too cool, but not very neutral either—may find out it’s too pink or too yellow. Else, will find it awesome! The numbering starts from .5 to 8.0. The number ending with 5 is for pink/neutral undertone and 0 for yellow/neutral undertone. I have this in shade 3.0, and it’s a biiit too yellowish on my face, but that’s okay though. I might want to grab shade 2.0 later when repurchasing.

Runny for Good
I was surprised to how RUNNY this foundation actually was! It’s so runny and easy to spread. But to be honest, I would prefer this formula more than the creamier ones; even though being runny means we’re going to use the product a lot more too but that’s not really a matter because it’s lightweight like if you’re wearing nothing on the top of your skin—plus, less dragging on skin while applying!

Do You Believe in Naked, Healthy Skin?
It really is buildable, but won’t build to that high coverage— at least to that enough medium coverage to cover all pimples and ¾ redness all over your face. Add concealer to the stubborn redness and voila, you’re done! One layer of this foundation would result to a light coverage, and I prefer around 2-3 layer when my face is not really good…in texture. Finish is satin, it’s neither the dead matte nor that dewy too, but it’s a mix of both—a naked skin indeed. No cakey, fake, ‘too much’ results too, my dear!

swatch on NC20 skin (inner arm)

blended in

As for the staying power and oil control, this foundation keeps a good job for keeping the oil at the bay. I didn’t need to touch up until it reached 4 hours, which was awesome. Every liquid foundation would’ve lost in this point as my face would get that ugly greasiness in 2 hours, but this one nailed the job super good.

Retailing for $38, I think it’s really worth having and really, you pay for what you get. I will definitely repurchase for my next bottle, and yes this is my current Holy Grail foundation of mine. You can get it from Sephora, Ulta, or any online and offline shops which sell Urban Decay products. Try your shade before buying or look over reviews, else you might want to go to Urban Decay’s site to use their foundation generator—it helped me much, because I bought this online!


Last Words?
I would recommend this to everyone who has been through a hard time choosing their best formula of foundation for their oily skin, but those with drier skin might not like it as much as we do as it provides no moisturizing effect. Plus, I wish Urban Decay would add the shade especially for the lighter ones because some find it not enough pale for their skin. After all, good job, NAKED Skin!

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