Review: Sariayu Lipstick in Alun Serunai 01

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 Phew! Sorry for missing for past few weeks—my internet connection was not very stable at the moment and I was very disappointed with Smartfren! Okay this case isn’t just happening once, this is the second time and I’m already too lazy to contact them knowing they would process my complaint more than 2 days. Waste of time! If any of you know what is a good portable USB modem with secure, stable, and good internet connection, please also inform its name to me on the comment section below. And yes, also my giveaway winner is announced—finally—here! Check it out!

Today’s review is quite different, I’m going to review another local product which is quite famous enough, but often is being underestimated because…it’s locally made. Ouch! Should’ve appreciated our own products, yep?

This lipstick is from a famous local brand, Sariayu. Sariayu is a middle-end brand here, best known of its color payoff thus is often used for theatrical purposes more.

Better if Printed!
The packaging is simple, not very decorative and just…what would you call it, standard? It has clear plastic cap, while the body of the lipstick itself is gold and made of doff material plastic. The brand’s name you see there is not actually printed there, it was attached to the plastic seal which covered the whole plastic cap before—luckily I didn’t tear that off too! Of course, I wish the name was permanently printed though to prevent any misuse of powerful hand and fingers like mine. However, the packaging is quite sturdy and not likely to open on its own.

On the bottom of the tube you can clearly see what color your lipstick is, there’s a dummy there like most of the lipsticks nowadays have and making it easy for you to choose the color without opening the cap first. I got mine in shade Alun Serunai 01.

Beautiful Emboss & Engravement!
Here’s the lipstick itself. Can you believe the embossed Batik pattern is actually there? And the brand’s name, it’s also engraved horizontally? OMG this is seriously what you call pretty! I even feel guilty to first use the lipstick, knowing the beautiful emboss will soon be gone (;A;  )

Not As Pretty As How It Looks?
Now into the judging! Does this lipstick perform as beautiful as its appearance? The answer is yes and no. I’m not the kinda girl who gets disturbed by any fragrance in product easily, but I really give up to this lipstick. I cannot stand the weird sweet, oldies smell (like the smell of your ancestor’s perfume, maybe that’s it)? The scent lingers on my lips for more than 2 minutes and that’s a real turn off, if you really hate the scent. Meh.

The formula is so-so, I heard Sariayu lipsticks are quite creamy and easy to glide when it comes to judging their formula, but mine is less creamy somehow. Sometimes I want to layer it up—it’s a habit, not really a need—and it sure builds up but I find it somehow a little bit heavy on my lips if I do so. It glides easily on my lips, but for the creamy part I should say I feel it’s less creamy than Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks, my favorite lipsticks atm. Even so, the color payoff is somewhat you should really appreciate, it covers beautifully and the color is actually true to what you see in bullet. All Sariayu lipsticks are known for its pretty color, aren’t they? *wink

Is It Just MeWho Cannot Work It?
The finish is rather pearly on my lips, and pearly is not really my favorite finish so I should say a meh again. When swatched on store it was creamy both in formula and finish, but how does it happen to turn like this on the product I bought? (;A;  ) for the staying power, I cannot say much as it disappears after eating but it stays pretty much 2-3 hours, and in the first 20 minutes of wearing and a layer of lipbalm underneath, this lipstick successfully making my lips dry. Ugh…

lip swatch!

Sariayu lipstick is only IDR 33,000 for retail, or around $3. It’s cheap and I wish I could love them and do some repurchase to redeem the amount of money I usually spend on lipsticks, but I think it’s not a good idea. To repurchase is still a question to me until today, seeing I still got nothing to love much, as what people have! L


Last Words?
Even though the color is very beautiful and it’s a local brand with fairly cheap price, I don’t think I like it. The scent is the real turn off, followed by the formula which makes my lips dried…somehow. Using lipbalm underneath should help, but it doesn’t help on me! Wish I could love this product, I really mean it. If they vary the finish and reformulate it, I will think of a future buying, tho! J

Any thoughts about this lipstick? Have you tried it? Share the love and comments below, I’d love to hear! XOXO!

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6 kisses

  1. Oh waah~ This looks so pretty <3 I actually like the color! I'm sad that it smells weird. >.< Thanks for the review!

  2. iih deh suka warnanya, btw counter sariayu di matahari gitu ada gak sih? ^^

  3. cobain lipstiknya inez atau aubeau Lin, cukup creamy n ga drying di aku. plus its local brand n cheap, Lol

  4. yes it smells weird! >.< actually it's really pretty, super pretty!

  5. hi asya, biasa nya ada konter di mall yg namanya martha tilaar, coba deh masuk. dr luar kaya jual body spa products aja, aslinya jual makeup sari ayu juga :p HTH!

  6. aku pake alun serunai nomor 2, lumayan suka :)