Etude House Princess Etoinette! *CUTENESS ALERT*

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So that other bloggers have posted all about this topic recently : 


Wow I was kinda attracted too, to see what’s new from Etude House. Guess what, Etude House has the best packaging ever for me! *okay still the best because I haven’t seen Laduree’s packaging yet LOL* It always comes with sweet, and princess-y packaging. Aaaaaand now that Etude just launched their new collection for Holiday 2012, why not taking a look then?

Okay la I’m not really a fan of Etude products but I’mma HARDCORE for their packaging! The cutest on earth!!! (I’ve seen Jill Stuart’s real packaging and not tempted ‘that’ much LOL) Despite their quality, all about Etude is A-MAY-ZINC. WOW. How I wish they would remake and improve the formulas at this new line though, because it’s kinda pricey (O_O;  )

It’s a blush! A really cute packaging righttttttt *jaw drops* Kinda pricey eh? It’s for 25,000 won each. Maybe because of the packaging?

This is seriously cute, like, who could say no to this? The case is like those we see in dramas telling about a princess

I am not a real fan of nail art—NOT AT ALL—but this is very cute! Like, I gotta get one just to see how pretty it is in real life, and maybe wrap this as a gift for my friend who’s a nail-art lover. It’s very cuteeeeeeeee and versatile, all those stickers included aaaaw!

And the brush? GEE the hair has the flower shape. Okay I got no other word except : CUTE.CUTE.CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE. Seems so fluffy yet dense, I think I should get this one!

My internet connection is not that good at the moment, thus I cannot post more photos as it takes too  long just to load on a single picture, so let me just post this picture which tells you girls about the price for each products! This is more useful than the products photos instead, right? *wink*

Should save up some more! I got tons of wishlist—you can see it yourself in the ‘Wishlist’ tab above—my friends said even Santa won’t grant all my wishes LOL. Been shopping a lot lately, but I badly want these products from Etude House (;A;   ) Grghhhhh *mumble in desperation*
Looking for a local online shop (Indonesian only) which opens a shopping pre-order spree for this line! Just contact me okayyy because I want

Bye for now, gotta go and check my piggybank if there’s any cents left for this month! XOXO

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  1. It's so cute.... udh msk Indo blm dear?
    I've followed you already dear :p
    folback if you dont mind :)

    God Bless

    1. belum rasanya.. baru di launch sih ini hehehe :)
      followed you back already, udah lama :p
      GBU too! <3

  2. I love all these colors and designs.

    <3 Melissa

  3. lucu-lucu banget ini packagingnyaaa >,< pengen punya 1 ajaa.
    follback ya dear
    love your blog ;)

  4. Eke buka PO sis :p Contact me on Fb ya ♥

  5. Etude House and their uber cute packaging, spare my wallet, please (  ゚,_ゝ゚)
    Waiting for your review about them