$125+ International Beauty Giveaway from BohoVanity!

by - 3:13 PM

I'm bringing you something today...........................it's Giveaway from BohoVanity!
This giveaway is a gratitude towards us, the readers (I love her blog so much!) for supporting her all these times. Like seriously, I am not a fan of beige or brown color but she plays with them very beautifully for her  blog's layout! LOVE LOVE LOVE THE HEADING BANNER SO MUCH!
Let's keep supporting her, shall we? \(^o^)/

Here are the babies she's giving away :


All the items above worth $125! So what are you still waiting for? Go straightly to her blog here, or just simply fill in this Rafflecopter form below (I am kind enough to bring the Rafflecopter here, aren't I? XD)


A'ight, this giveaway ends December 1st. Join now!

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