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Happy Thanksgiving all! \( °° )/ How was the turkey? Did you enjoy some? Lucky you to have the celebration over Thanksgiving Day, since there’s no such a celebration here in Indonesia. Even people here don’t know what it is!  Maybe only the shopaholics, the bloggers like me and my friends know about this day, because the day after the Thanksgiving Day is………….


I believe some of you have known about this day—what is Black Friday? You can google for more detailed information about Black Friday, but I only want to share all I know about it :

“A day after Thanksgiving Day, that is celebrated by most online and offline shops and stores in US by holding a big sale and giving great discounts or gift to the shoppers.”

That’s all I need as a high-school student with very little amount of money LOL. I’m joining some shopping sprees (again, you bet) in this forum, Female Daily. It’s an Indonesian forums that mostly the members are women—you don’t say—which have so many great sub-forums inside, including the Market Plaza where all the importers stay. HAHAHA. They always give the best offer for US/UK/Japanese/Korean products here in Indonesia!

And now I want to share some information about the sale promotions that I know so far. Yes Temptalia surely has the most complete info about Black Friday Deals, but let me tell you some offers that are VERY INTERESTING!

1.       TARTE : 20% OFF on selected items.
2.       NARS : 20% OFF all items!
3.       SMASHBOX : 25% OFF all items!
4.       Giorgio Armani : 20% OFF all items!           
5.       Shu Uemura : 20% OFF all items! (Use the coupon code WISH2012 on the checkout. Valid until 11/27)
6. : 20% OFF all items!
7. : 50% OFF all items! Valid until 11/23 only.
8.       THE BALM : in 50% OFF all items! Valid until 11/27 only.
9.       Sephora : 10% OFF. Valid until 12/7 only.

That’s all I know about, if  you have more information about the sales/discounts do not hesitate to put on the comment section below! Don’t miss this year’s Black Friday—I underestimated it at first because I don’t see any interesting deals, but I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! Boo me!

Happy Shopping Angels!

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  1. Hello caroline, 50% OFF until 11/27 lho :D

    1. oh? thankyouuuu tika for reminding! kuganti cepet cepet deh *ngacir*
      hihi makasihhh :*:*

  2. yapa lin carae belanja di female daily?

    1. sign up dulu ce, trus pergi ke market plaza, nah disitu banyak forum2 nya..modelnya kaya kaskus gitu lah :p
      asiknya, belanja PO ga perlu pake DP sebanyak apapun XD

  3. caranya gimana sih line belanja di fd??? pinginnnn~ hiks..

    btw, kindly check my blog ya.. mwahhhhmwahhhhh~ <3

    1. sign up dulu chiii :p hehehe checked! thankyouuuu for the tag chi *peluk*
      ntar ASAP kubuat postnya ya. xoxo!