Review : Lioele Waterdrop Sleeping Pack

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From all the types of mask that I’ve tried so far, I love sleeping pack the most!

I got this sleeping pack from Lioele. I planned not to buy anything actually due to bankrupt my recent haul from Qoo10—which until now haven’t arrived yet, UGH—but yeah I am a sleeping mask lover, so I went for it la (/////)

It’s not like the usual theme color of Lioele which usually are pink and black. It’s blue! Maybe because it represents the main ingredient of this product, water? But no worries, it is still cute in any ways XD

Product description :
“By including Swiss Alpine extract, it is absorbed without stickiness and also formulates moisturizing film to supply moisture and nutrition onto tired skin by daytime to keep your skin moisturized until next day.”

It has 120 ml in one tube, which is quite a lot. You only need like 1 ml for each usage, because usually sleeping pack is very rich and moisturizing so you don’t need a great amount for the whole face. One tube will last for a long time of course~ 

There’s English description for this product! Korean product rarely put English description in their product, but I’m glad this product brings it. And now we know it contains Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and Fragrance as well. Oh (;A;  )

Here comes the tube. It’s made of plastic and is a squeeze type, so it’s so hygiene! I kinda dislike comes-in-a-jar mask because it’s very unhygiene to dip your fingers into the mask isn’t it? Moreover if they don’t come with a spatula: UGH!

 Before squeezing the product out, be sure you open the plastic cap first! The tube’s head is sealed with alumunium foil. Totally hygiene eh? So make sure you get the sealed product kay! XD

This product is actually colorless after being spread all over your face, but it’s a transparent-blue when you first squeeze it out. A gel type, I love how it leaves no greasy feeling once applied. It also has unique texture, it turns very runny and spreads like water once you rub it all over your face. Very refreshing yet relaxing, I really love the fragrance!

My face usually get very oily in the morning because of the night cream or an adaption to the room’s temperature. It’s amazing how I put such moisturizing mask and it’s lessened oily! WOW!

(Pssst, it claims to be slimming your face too! Like, creating your V-line slimmer! I didn't see any differences because I never used it daily, maybe I should try since now on? XD)

            NO STICKINESS.
            CHEAP. It’s only IDR 130.000 or $14 for 120 ml!
            EASILY ABSORBED.
            HAS FRAGRANCE. Even though I love it, this may be a downside for those who are allergic of fragranced product.
            SEALED WITH ALUMUNIUM FOIL. Hygiene all the way!
            NO BREAKOUTS AT ALL!
            CUTE PACKAGING!

            ˟ HAS FRAGRANCE, METHYLPARABEN, AND PROPYLPARABEN. Mostly Asian products have paraben in them, even just a little amount but I always want to get a product with no preservatives (°°)


OF COURSE! This is the best sleeping I’ve ever tried so far.

Give this product a try, I mean it! It’s fragranced, and maybe a big no for those who are allergic against it. This product seems to be too rich for oily skin, but it makes your face lessened oily in the next morning actually \(OO)/ It moisturizes deeply, yet is very relaxing, I think the “waterdrop” name really suits the product itself that it turns into something like ‘waterdrop’ once spread onto your face. It also doesn’t cause me breakouts, so…… LOVE LOVE!

Have you ever tried this product? Lioele is one of my favorite Korean brands, and I’m looking for all of their products since none of the ones I’ve tried ever caused me breakouts or irritations. Can’t wait for my next time visiting their store la, I will buy a lot! XD
Take care Angels, and XOXO!

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15 kisses

  1. another racun eh~ :p kamu udah pernah coba si laneige blum?? aku suka laneige tp harganya dong.. bzzz.. -_- pengen cari sleeping pack yg bagus dan ga bikin dompet kering kerontang.. :p
    nice review sweety.. <3

    1. iyaaaa XD
      laneige aku sih belum pernah chi, mahal kan itu yaaa :( kemaren ada yg jual preloved dia 90 rb yg full jar sayang udah keabisan :x
      ini bagus kok :p
      di Qoo10 ada laneige, 198, tp nggak tau ya sampenya kapan..udah order dr sept aku belom dtg tp :(
      thankyouuuuu! <3

  2. olinnn.. sama nie.. aku juga bangkrut gara2 si QOO 10 terus sampe sekarang barangnya balum dateng pulak.. grrr..kapok dah beli disana hahaha

    1. iyaaaaaa ce hana (;A; )
      aku abis 500+an disana, masa belum dtg juga huhu :(

  3. unyu banget packagingnya yaa ^^ kulitmu cocok ya pake ini lin?

    1. iyaaa ce XD
      cocok kok ce, aneh ya.. kayanya aku ga ada alergi against fragrance gitu, jd smua produk lioele cocok-cocok aja hehehe..

  4. wah wah jadi penasaran pengen nyobain :)

    1. cobain deh del, it's not expensive for a 120 ml sleeping pack. aku punya innisfree, dan gak cocok di muka, mau kulego sih....mending ini secara lebih murah + isi banyakk~ XD

    2. aaaaaa racun deh kamu xD heheh

    3. seriusaaaaaan XD
      hihihi! ga alergi fragrance kan kamu? kalo alergi bs ga cocok sih, tp aku sensitif dan ga alergi fragrance deh kayanya. jd oke2 aja XD

  5. I wish I had good results with this product >,< I ended up getting rashes on my cheeks T.T Maybe because of the fragrance? Who knows~


    1. you have this one too? well too bad :( maybe you're allergic against fragrance. hope the rashes gone soon! XOXO

  6. Hallo Caroline, salam kenal ^^
    Keliatannya bgs ya sleeping pack ini, murah lagi jdi tertarik beli, racun ya kamu >< kamu beli di olshop apa di counternya?
    btw udah pernah coba yg laneige? warnanya sih mirip sama si lioele ini, enak banget loh pake itu, muka jadi soft banget dan ga bikin oily (IMO ya)
    your new follower here :D

    1. hai melisa! sori baru reply, baru keliatan comment kamu waktu buka post ini lagi >.<
      aku beli di konter. tp skarang aku ada travel sizenya 60ml, ga kepake, masih segel..mau? :p
      laneige belum, hehehe. masih ga tega liat harganya XD dulu aku bingung antara laneige/innisfree green tea, tp akirnya beli innisfree yang ga cocok di aku, nyesel :(

  7. I think I had a bit allergy against this product...