November Joined Giveaways

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After making my own giveaway, I now would like to enter more giveaways! LOLOLOL I’m truly a giveaway huntress aren’t I?
Well these are the giveaways I entered this time, I would make some giveaways in one post la.

Oh-So-Kansas’s 100 Followers Giveaway

Julie is surely kind! LOL She left her giveaway link on the comment section of my giveaway post—she knows I’m a huntress right? Even the host wants to join another giveaway as the contestant!

She’s giving away MAC cosmetics—anything you want of their eyeshadows or lipsticks as long as she can get it in her hand—and OF COURSE I AM JOINING!
Join her? Here!

Pretty Princess Page First Anniversary International Giveaway

Sooooooo there will be two winners! This giveaway is opened internationally, thanks to Pretty Princess, even though I hope I will win the first prize LOLOLOLOL IT IS VERY TEMPTING DON’T YOU SAY?

Wanna join too? Click here!

Birthday Giveaway

I spotted Benefit product there aaaand……….HELLO JEN I’M JOINING YOUR GIVEAWAY!
So Jen is hosting a giveaway to celebrate her birthday—let’s celebrate her! Happy Birthday Jen, aaaand also I wish I could win your giveaway.
Join here!

Thank You Giveaway

Dolce Vanity is hosting a supaaaaaaa awsum giveaway! Can’t resist not to enter this one though, you can also join too here!

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