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After playing around with drugstore products, sometimes I also want to play with high-end stuffs! Drugstore products are cheap yet amazing in quality, but I believe the price costs us for reasonable reasons. So here is my very first high-end product—that I’ve wanted it long longgg—MAC Lipstick!

MAC’s packaging is boring, but it surely looks expensive! A black, matte with tiny glitters case which I think looks like a bullet  (okay ignore this I watched Skyfall yesterday and I wore this lipstick atm) because it has pointy-ended cap! LOLOL ~(°°)~
I love that it’s matte, so your fingerprints won’t stick on the cap and the body then make the lipstick looks dirty. Ugh. 

Please welcome the “Shy Girl!” This is what I’ve wanted from a looooooong time ago, even before I started this blog! It used to be a limited edition product but they finally make it a permanent product. Aww. What else are the reasons if it’s not a bestselling product? *excited*

Here’s the swatch on my hand. This is one in MAC’s cremesheen range of lipsticks. It has creamy, and a little bit shiny—I mean “Cremesheen” finish. It has soft silver shimmer also! Don’t worry the shimmer will just give a nice and pretty shine not the ‘dangdut-queen’ like LOL
Anyway it has sweet and delicate vanilla scent! Yum! It just…..smells like a vanilla ice cream, which makes me want to lick my lips XD

Bare Lips :

After applying MAC Shy Girl Lipstick

It’s a very pretty nude-beige coral color, right? It’s not peach, so coral sounds so right to describe it the best. Fleshy color, it also has slight hint of pink, but sometimes I feel it’s too orangey to fit my complexion—I’m a pink! But dunno, you tell me, does it not too orangey on me? Does it a pretty color that would suit my complexion yet enhance it? This is my first nude lipstick so I get very confused laaa
Only sometimes actually, in the other time I found it very beautiful on me. *get slapped*

            MOISTUZING LIPS.
            NUDE COLOR.
            GIVES NICE SHINE TO LIPS WITHOUT OVERDOING IT. Nobody will mistaken me like if I just ate a tempura! XD

            ˟ BORING PACKAGING.
            ˟ NOT LONG-LASTING. Since this is a nude color, it’s very prone to wash out! Top it with lipgloss aaaaaand you’re done. Beautifully set from 9 to 5!
            ˟ EXPENSIVE. This is a downside for a high-school student like me. Gah! $12 each for a 0.10 oz product.
            ˟ MAKES A DRY LIPS LOOK AND SHOW UP THE FINE LINES. Although it’s creamy and not drying, you should wear a colorless lipbalm underneath so your lips won’t look so dry with this lipstick on.

8.5 of 10

MAYBE, if I get a great deal for it, then I will go for it! Will do anything to repurchase actually LOL

MAC Shy Girl is a creamsheen lipstick which I believe has creamy yet shiny finish. It’s a coral, a soft nude coral with a little hint of pink. It’s not too warm nor is it too cool; it’s a neutral nude color which will suit everyone! I now understand why it is a bestselling product, because it’s amazing. FOR REAL! Gah.  If it’s not expensive I will buy two for backups! Ssssst, the vanilla scent gets me high too! XD

Any of you have tried this lipstick? I’m right for buying it because it is surely a pretty color. MAC lipsticks are expensive for reasons, and yes I’m looking forward for more of their products!

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  1. Replies
    1. ga terlalu orange ya ce? >.< arghhh takut terlalu orange!

  2. bagus lo lin.. jadi fresh gitu :D

    1. thankyouu ros! >.< takut keliatan too orangey akunya hehe

  3. I haven;t tried MAC lipsticks yet but everyone says they are wonderful - this looks very pretty on you!

    1. should try it the other time! they're amazing, i should say <3
      thankyou kelly! x

  4. huah MAC lipstick~ akulihat foto ini di PPmu lin hehehe
    warnanya cantik! cocok di kamu :)

    1. di PP bbm ce sha?
      hehehe thankyouuuu >.< ini MAC pertamaku kok hihi *meratapi celengan*

  5. Love that color on you! New follower here, you have a nice blog! Check mine out if you want :)

    1. thank you denise! i love it as well :)
      checked and now I'm following!

  6. One of MAC pretty colors. It looks good on you.

    1. i'm looking forward for more of their products! thanks anyway rose :)

  7. Very nice!


  8. never knew it would be that nice, so gonna buy one!
    Carpit, folbek eke!
    Bisous! :*

    1. mac will be opening a shop in CW soon! XD so you gotta buy one <3
      folbek-ed, thankyou pirji!

  9. Dear,
    nice post...
    I am newbie, pls check out my blog, i already followed you :)

    God Bless

    1. thankyouuuu elzsa! aku cek blogmu, udah follow juga :)
      thanks udah mampir! xoxo

  10. It looks gorgeous on you! I don't own a lot of nudes so I'm definitely checking this out on my next trip to a MAC counter! I also have my eyes on Creme Cup, which is a different kind of nude but still beautiful, me thinks. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one! xx

    I'm a new follower by the way. I hope you have time to check out my blog! xoxo