Just A Blog Birthday Giveaway!

by - 11:14 PM

Giveaway post again! Well I should admit I am a Giveaway Huntress la~ XD

This time is a giveaway from Kak Sekar!! Yep, she’s a lovely woman who I consider as my own sister, an elder sister, because she’s very caring and kind. Her birthday is coming soon, and to celebrate it she’d like to host a giveaway! Yay for that (oops I mean her birthday, happy birthday sister. Kisses.) Wonder what’s she giving away? Here they are:

Psst, can you spot Kose Softymo Speedy Cleansing Oil? Yep I noticed that! As what I told you, my luck is like…almost zero. Almost no luck at all. Gah. But after winning L’Oreal contest and Shabang Shabang’s giveaway I feel like my luck has increased a lot. Amen! And I hope, I can win the first prize of Kak Sekar’s giveaway as I wanted the Kose so muchhhhhh but always had run out of stock everytime I was about to buy it (;A;  )
Wish me luck, and don’t forget to join this giveaway too. Wish her a happy birthday too, it’s on November 21st! XOXO

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5 kisses

  1. I just found your blog on the blog hop, and it is soooo cute!!! :'D I am following!! ^-^

  2. Very nice post. Great stuff. Nicely written & gives wonderful insight. Well done!


  3. olin... Cantik banget.cuteee... hihihi
    folbak ya sai ^^ thanks dear