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Again and again I’m joining giveaways! Different giveaways, I was like browsing and blogwalking here and there to see and keep an eye on ongoing giveaways….LOL I’m such a poor girl! I really really wanted to hold my own giveaway, because my blogversary is coming very soon. But dammit, until now I still don’t know what to be given away! Do you guys have any ideas? What do you want me to give away on my very first giveaway, my first blog anniversary giveaway? Share your thoughts on the comment box below, while you’re waiting on the other tab of your browser loading these entire amazing giveaways site!


1.       Candy Doll Mini Giveaway
Comi nee-chan is giving away a lipgloss I’ve been wanting from a long long time ago! In a very pretty color too! Go check her site here.

22. 2 Urban Decay Gift Sets

She’s a pretty makeup artist, her blog is supaaaa amazing! You should go check her blog out. And oh, she’s giving away an UD palette along with a lipstick from the same brand also. 

That's all the ongoing giveaways I know, go check my left sidebar for the other ones! Don't forget to post comments below about what do you want me to give away! XX

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