Iambabypanda's Thanksgiving Giveaway

by - 10:54 PM

Hi all! *o*
I’m joining another giveaway eh..what a refreshing thing to do in the middle of exam weeks! It’s a giveaway from Iambabypanda, here’s what she’s giving away :

I want all those lipstick so baddddddd T___T

You can also enter this giveaway, just click on the link below the pic and you’ll instantly be brought to her site. Her blog is supa awsummm, her posts are really nice and fun! I’ve been reading her blog a lot but just got following her a moment ago (my internet connection sucks by the way, I need to refresh the pages like zillion times to make the followers bar appears) hehe. This is the reason why I don’t follow some of my favorite blogs, not because I’m not following doesn’t mean I don’t visit your blog often >w< Gomenn~

So wish me luck on this giveaway kay! XX

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