Romacchiato (worth) IDR 1,000,000 Giveaway!

by - 9:30 PM

*rolling a dice* Okay so now I’m counting the possibilities of winning this giveaway from Romacchiato. LOL JK I can’t be doing such thing, can I? But it’s okay to get excited too much, because this giveaway Roma and Macchi are holding is one of the biggest and epic giveaways I have ever entered!
So here’s what they’re giving away:

Salvatore Ferragamo Body Lotion (full sized, by the way! This one worth $40 and more)
The Skinfood Green Gram Cleansing Foam
Nature Republic Collagen HD Essential BB Cream SPF +27
Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (The thing I ever am curious about)
Missha Red Ginseng Sheet Mask
3 Pilaten Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

Aaand guess what, these things worth IDR 1,000,000! WOW AH-MAY-ZINC AREN’T THEY?
Go visit their blog here, and follow those simple steps. Nothing to lose from trying, is there? I hope I can win this time LOL >.<

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