Review : Innisfree Green Tea Pure Skin, Green Tea Pure Cream, and Canola Honey Serum

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I’ve been looking for a product that could moisturize my skin real deep. As you know that my skin has been suffering from a very, very bad irritation in this post. Since that I finally realized that my skin need s an eco-friendly yet natural skincare products to help it get rid of its irritation, and get much better than it is before. Say no (or maybe less LOL) to chemical formulas! Natural ingredients are the best things ever *plant tree*
I got 3 Innisfree miniatures from Shabang Shabang. I’ve wanted Innisfree products from a long time ago, but I was stuck with some clinic’s treatments and products eh .___. Now that I’m no longer, let’s give them a try! By the way, it’s good to try the sample or buy the miniatures before you buy the full-sized products, moreover for skincare products. By trying on samples or miniatures, you will know if the products suit your skin or not. So you won’t waste pennies on those which don’t make your skin get better instead of making them worse than ever leh! *get slapped *poor  me
Innisfree is a Korean brand which is famous for its natural ingredients. That’s what makes me like ‘waaa I want to try them all!!!’ And lucky me to receive 2 miniatures from their Green Tea range that I’ve always wanted to try\()/ Yay me!

Green Tea Pure Skin works as a toner that’s meant to cleanse your face more after washing face instead of preparing it for the next step of your skincare routine. It’s not a gel type, it’s more like a liquid type. Not too watery yet not too runny. The consistency of the liquid is light, makes it easy to apply it on your face. No greasy feeling after all too!

It’s also colorless. I can smell some nice scent, though it smells a little bit like an artificial scent ( TTƪ)

How to use this skin (toner)? Just pour some amount of it onto a cotton pad, and then dab it lightly all over your face. An instant fresh and relax feeling on your skin. Yay!

Green Tea Pure Cream is a moisturizer, it’s meant to be used after the lotion but I prefer it as an alternate product lol :p It moisturizes your skin really well, but leaves a little bit greasy feeling right after the application. But don’t worry because it will be absorbed into your skin after few minutes.

The cream is also colorless and has artificial smells. The texture is nice, not too runny but also not too thick which I love very much. It also has small white particles that blend well into your skin and add more moisture feeling. Love love!

Canola Honey Serum smells really like a real honey! Naah that’s what I love the most. The consistency is light but also is a little bit sticky. Just like the real honey, once again, the color is also yellowish. Paraben-free, mineral oil-free, yet no artificial coloring! YAY!

This serum is easily absorbed by your skin. It’s a little bit sticky—probably because it’s honey LOL—but it’s okay after you apply toner on top. This serum moisturizes my skin better, even better than the cream, but it surely takes time to see the result of its moisturizing effect. Maybe because this one is a serum, which surely will work deep inside your skin while the cream works on the surface of the skin IMHO. I only need some little amount of it then lightly dab it onto my skin using my fingertips. I dab it on my pimples (hehe >.<) and it helps making them heals faster and better!

These all miniatures satisfied me just….pretty much. Oh why did I say so? *gasp* Well actually there is one of them causing me breakout ( TTƪ) And after a couple times trying to figure out which one might be the cause, I quickly found out that the CREAM was…. Aww too bad, since I loved its moisturizing formula so much, and they were all helping my skin to recover from the irritation! I’m planning to buy them in full-sized version, but I’m still curious with the green tea seed serum, and maybe I will try the lotion instead of buying the full-sized cream….I’d like to try their Jejubija line too, which is meant for troubled skin LOL. But overall I love all these products, mainly because they work amazing on me and they bring natural ingredients. Thanks to Shabang Shabang for sending me these miniatures as they helped me get through my skin irritation much \(o≤)/

Interested in these products? Just go visit Shabang Shabang girls! They sell mostly Korean skincare products, and they surely have the best deal in town, doubt no more! \(o≤)/ And guess what, mostly of their items are ready stocks items sooooo you have to wait no more!

So what do you guys think? Have you ever tried Innisfree products? What do you think about these products? 

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  1. aku prnh coba yg lotionnya canola honey dan ga suka lin =_= soalnya sticky bgt haha.. pdhl aku jg pny miniature seriesnya canola honey yg serum jg..

  2. Kalo buat umur 18 tahun bisa pake innisfree jejubija anti trouble?