FOTD : Daddy's Little Girl

by - 2:30 PM

Hey dolls!
Finally, another FOTD post from me! Firstly I want to warn all of you first, this post will contain a lot of my selcas, so to those who can’t bear it please click on another link before you go vomit! LOL kidding la, you love my photos, don’t you? \(o)/

Today’s theme is “Daddy’s Little Girl.” All in pink : pink stripes, big dolly eyes, cute bow hairclip, pink bandana, and pink slayer….cuteness! I’m trying to put less makeup and focus on my eye makeup only, to make my eyes stand out beautifully. No lipsticks, only sheer lipgloss. Urr I put a lot of effort on blending the eyeshadows, but they still look soo ugly leh! (ToT) Please forgive me!
my face looks soo chubby here UGH

Awkward face...

(PS: I changed my outfits a lot because I don’t feel too comfort with the pink stripes tank one, please bear with that te-hee~ ≥o≤)

Silly pose! But cute rite? *get slapped

Excuse my super duper big, and ugly eyebags laaa *sob*
Geo Nudy Quarter (14 mm) in Grey
Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream
Kose Sekkisei Supreme Compact Powder OC405
Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher #2
Estee Lauder More than Mascara
Inez Color Contour Plus Eyeshadow Collection 07 Pattaya
L’Occitane Baume Levres Lipgloss
Shiseido Maquillage Lip Compact #34

Anyway, it's Saturday! This look is super cute, you can wear this look for a dinner with your boyfie (which I don't have any *sob*) because it's not too much but still is cute and fresh, yet natural or just for a hang out with your girlfriends!

I will not post all my selcas from today’s camwhoring here LOL ‘cause I’ll be using them in my upcoming reviews which I’ll also post today. So stay tuned, I’ll do the review of Geo Lens and Lioele Triple The Solution BB cream, my HG BB cream ever!

I think this look is super cute, and planning to make a tutorial to this look soon! Who’s with me? Do you want me to make a tutorial for this look?
Okaaaaay, bye for now! I’m going to the mall just in minute hehee. See-ya~

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19 kisses

  1. aww unyu nyahh ^_^,umur berapa ih gemess hihi

    main-main ke blog ku yah ^_^

    1. thankyouuu lee via \(^o^)/ aku 16 hehehe..
      followed kok :p follow back aku if you don't mind :D

  2. aaaaa~~~ anak siapa sih ini??
    lucu cekaliii <3
    kesan manja nya dapet banget (y)

    salam kenal ya btw^^

    1. anak papi mami hihi ╮(´▼`)╭
      makasihhh monic! so are you ;;) hehe, wah padahal aku nggak manja loh, brarti pinter akting dong aku *ditabok*

      salam kenal juga! ^^

  3. You look so cuuute >w<
    I love your headband it looks so adorable =w=

    and I agree with you, you should do a tutorial~

    1. aww thanks gretch! it's actually just a plain bandana, then i put a cute bow hairclip there, and voila! ╮(´▼`)╭

      owwwkay! I'll soon do a tutorial! xoxo, thanks for visiting my blog leh! <3

  4. hahaha yang di belakang lagi nulis itu siapa lin?
    gemes liat foto2mu :p

    1. aaaaaaa >.< lupa aku blur-in ce, tadi cepet2 post sih.. itu adikku, grrh dia masuk kamar waktu lagi poto2 >.<
      hehehe thankyouuu<3 ;;)

  5. cuteeee...:3
    no eyeliner heh?
    love ur hair..:)

    1. thankyouu merry! <3
      nope, i didn't put any eyeliner on for this look, thought it would make the look less natural, idk, just my opinion >.<
      btw missed your posts, when going back blogging again? T.T

  6. CUte bangetttt.... XD~~~

    BTW..kaget tau masi 16 taunn..cuz youre such a great blogger..
    OMG you should teach me how to make a good blog....

    give us more photossss... LOL...

    1. you're muchhh cuter ce! °•(>o<)•°

      hehe iya, masih 16 aku.. nope, i'm still a newbie, really! masih belajar cara-cara untuk ngebuat blog lebih bagus dan informatif lg ce..let's learn together! :D
      ookaaaay i will! :p ada yang ngedukung bakat camwhoringku, senang deh ╮(´▼`)╭
      *get slapped

      xoxo! thanks udah mampir ke blogku cee <3

  7. you looked so cute!:D
    i like the bow hair clip. really match the concept. hehe

    visit my blog if you don't mind. :)


    1. thankyouu dear! (///o//) hehe. agreee! the hairclip is very cute, and i get it only for IDR 4,000. seriously!

      will do! thanks for visiting mine, and dropping by! xo

  8. test test.. ya ampun, kalau gak masuk lagi aku bener-bener emosi ni :|

    lucu mei, warnanya bagus,, segeran gitu jadinya mukamu <33
    itu adik kamu sempet ya ikut ngeksis dibelakang. lol

    come and see my blog if you have time

    1. alhamdulilah, masuk lhooo akhirnya,,, terharuuuu T_____T

    2. awwww ce knapa susah sekali post commentnya yaa >< aku biasa juga gitu kalo mau post ke orang hehehe T__T

      makasihhh ce! *peluk* iya, itu kenapa dia nongol padahal udah aku usir2 keluar waktu poto2, kan malu juga meski sodara..

      visited and followed! <3

  9. msi unyu2 bgt ya km.. hihi :3
    trnyata msi 16 tahun yaa ^^

  10. hehehee :p iya kak masih 16, belum dapet ktp, masih 1 tahun lagi *mewek
    thanks for visiting! :D