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Shabang Shabang is an online shop that is based in Indonesia which sells Korean skincare products, and also few makeup items. Say some famous-but-affordable Korean brands that are known for their skincare line, like Holika Holika, Innisfree, Nature Republic, etc. Yes they provide skincare and some makeup products of the mentioned brands. Isn’t a healthy skin is a great investment for the future? Think that’s why they focus more on the skincare range products than on beauty products! :D

So they emailed me last Friday, saying that they wanted to send me some samples to try on, hoping these samples they’re sending would help me getting rid of my irritation. I was very excited to hear that! So after waiting these past few days, the package finally arrived at my house this evening. And here is what they sent me!

The Dermal Mask Sheets and Innisfree Miniatures ( which are all wrapped in bubble wrap! :D)

Dermal Aqua Collagen Essence Mask

Dermal Marine Collagen Essence Mask

Innisfree Green Tea Pure Skin (mini size)
Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cream (mini size)
Innisfree Canola Honey Serum (mini size)

I am so happy to receive them all (/ᴖᴗᴖ)/ Okay so to be honest, I was in a doubt of buying Innisfree Green Tea Pure Skin and Lotion that the full sized items are all so big, like 160 ml? What if my super sensitive skin dislikes them? What if my skin gets even worse than it is now? I’ve been looking around if there are online shops who sell samples or the miniature of these products, and I found nothing at all T__T And how miracle works, is that Shabang Shabang sent me the Pure Skin and Pure Cream miniatures from the Green Tea line! It’s okay la to receive the cream, because I heard it moisturizes more than the lotion do. Also, the miniature version contains a lot of the products, not like samples which usually have only 1 ml. Double yay!  

I will review each of them in my upcoming posts. I’m pretty sure I can finish all the reviews by this week, knowing that my mid-tests will end by tomorrow. Finally! (~°°)~(°°)~(°°~)
I will also link the review posts to this preview post. 

So thank you Shabang Shabang, for sending me these samples! You guys might like to visit their website, to check on their products. Don’t worry, some products are ready here in Indonesia so you don’t have to wait for 3-4 weeks like how usually pre-ordered products make you do. They also offer the best price, so don’t worry of being bankrupt too LOL. 
I’m planning to order from Shabang Shabang soon. It’s like I’m buying lotsa skincare products lately, eh? I’ve been addicted to skincare products these past few months, as I get the refreshed and healthy skin feeling after the pampering-skin-time which makes me happy (//////) Even though the skincare items are way more expensive than the makeup items themselves (huhuhu, there are just TOO MUCH beauty products I wanted to buy from a long looong time ago, but now that I had money, I got to spend them on buying skincare products for my own goodness.) but…if it means a healthy skin, and a good future investment, why not? ;)

So take care loves, I gotta go—I haven’t finished studying Economy for tomorrow’s test anyway, and P.E. too, but now I’m writing on this post ( TT) Sob-sob-and-bye-bye!

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