The Grand Palace 1st Birthday Celebration

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I got an email from someone the other day. It was from Nikki, and she invited all Surabaya beauty bloggers to join the The Grand Palace 1st Birthday Celebration at Grand City Mall, Surabaya. I was super duper excited to read that email! Wow that was my very first official invitation as a beauty blogger >.< Thank You Nikki for inviting us!
The Grand Palace is a department store, just like Sogo or Metro I think, and they provide so many high-end brands there, from head to toe, national and international products. For the beauty section there are Kose, Shiseido, Frais Monde, Revlon, Max Factor, etc. The famous The History Of Woo skincare line from Korea also has a tenant there, wow~
So here is the invitation that I got :

And the rundown…

I must admit that I came up pretty late, because of doing the makeup and stuffs >.< When I came by, the first fashion show was almost ended. But the time I spent doing my makeup was really worth it la, even though I was a little nervous because everyone was putting a very simple makeup! Gee \(>o<”\) (/”>o<)/ But they said that I was cute and looked grown up, qiqiqi *get slapped

Here's a group photo of Surabaya Beauty Bloggers anyway
L-R : Pricillia, Shasha, Shelvi, Hana, Lala, me, Yennyca

Here’s my FOTD by the way. Too bad I didn’t take any single picture of my OOTD, and all these FOTD pictures were taken in my house since I had no courage to camwhore at public gee ._.

Wonder why my skin looks much better than the last time it does? Thanks to the bb cream and Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack, the review is coming soon! \(><)/

Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream
Caring Basic Care Loose Powder #4 Translucent
Etude Lovely Cookie Blusher #2
Urban Decay Primer Potion in Original
Inez Color Contour Plus in  07 Pattaya
Dollywink Liquid Liner
Milani LIQUIF’EYE Metallic Pencil Liner in Black
Visions Eye Kohl in White
Estee Lauder More Than Just Mascara
L’Occitane Baume Levres Lipgloss
NYX Megashine in Beige

Camwhoring timeeee~

Stupid smile ever! LOL I look so ugly here, weird face ughh >-<

The celebration really was exciting and great. There were makeup demonstrations, fashion shows, talkshow, also band and cosplay competitions too. I’m not interested much in fashion shows, but well the models are cool! Beside, the outfits they’re bringing are great too eh; from High Couture Fashions to Casual and Sportswear. Some sneak peek of the fashion shows:

Revlon and Kose were doing some makeup demos too, and Frais Monde was holding a talkshow with a doctor from Yemima Beauty Center. Unfortunately I watched only the Kose demo and Frais Monde talkshow that I was picked not so long after the Revlon demo started! Aww ._.

The Kose makeup demo is featuring this pretty woman, meet Ms.Ira please. Oh and you guys know, Kose is a Japanese brand for makeup and skincare products. My mom and my grandma use their skincare product as well, and ssst, their products also helped me a lot in recovering my skin. On the other post, coming soon okay! Back to the demo; the theme of the day was “Glamour”, which can be used anytime and anywhere, also is friendly for day or night look. The total look was all using the Kose’s latest series, Cosmenience. Those pretty color…I want them all!!!

Ms.Ira as the model, she's pretty rite :D

The makeup artist applying the mascara for Ms.Ira. Well I was actually focusing on the eye makeup LOL

Aaand also, we didn’t forget to camwhore during the demo…*plak

L-R : Hana, me, Shelvi. Edited the photo to make it looks more attractive LOL :p

After the Kose demo, we decided to take a little walk around. The Grand Palace surely was giving some nice discounts for beauty products and the other stuffs as well, but I’m saving for mega online shopping so yeah….next time maybe? *cries
Ce Yennyca, Ce Shasha, Ce Hana and Lala went home very soon after, so there were only me, Ce Pricillia and Ce Shelvi left. LOL they’re all big sisters for me\(><)-c< ˟_˟) We were going back to the atrium to attend a talkshow with Frais Monde and Dr.Eva Liang from Yemima Beauty Center as the representative from Frais Monde. (Dr.Eva is very beautiful, tbh!)

The topic was about pregnancy and stretch mark problem, slimming programs, to sensitive skin problem. LOL I was on the right show! She was very informative too about Frais Monde products that were meant for teenager and sensitive skin. After some few questions from the MC for Dr.Eva, he asked if the audiences might have any questions for the doctor.

Ce Shelvi (Xiaovee) asked the first question, and she got the product for stretch mark problems. Congrats to her! 

And there, I asked a question, and received this product as well >.< Thank You Frais Monde and Yemima Beauty Center, also Grand City for the talkshow! *bow down* this product was for sensitive skin aaaand how lucky I was to get that at the talkshow! This product worth $25 anyway, ssssst!

By the way I have reviewed this product here, and will update it in a month after the result is really visible


So once again I really wanted to thank Nikki, for inviting me, and Grand City, as well to Frais Monde, Kose and the other brands that were supporting this event, much thank you because I really had a great time! Thank you for the event and for this goodie bag, here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside the bag *drum rolls

the goodies bag :)

Samples, TONS of vouchers, and a T-shirt..much love!

Shiseido and Chihtsai sample!

The Invitation, T-shirt, and some brochures :)

Vouchers! XOXO

Vouchers again, KOSE samples, and FCUK EDT Sample

And a cute cupcake for snacks! LOL it tasted really good, a chocolate cupcake ~

 I wish there would be more beauty events here in Surabaya, cause I’m jealous much with those who live in Jakarta as so many beauty events that are held there, tbh (̯!! ) Bye for now girls, see you pretty soon! X

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    1. bangettt ce >.< aku sendiri pesimis hasilnya bagus, padahal di kamera jelek amat smuanya sampe aku hapusin, hiks nyesel udah banyak yang gak adaa *banting kamera*

  2. u r 16? hard to believe that baby.. u looks so mature..