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Hi all!
This is one of the samples that ShabangShabang sent me a while ago. As you know Shabang Shabang is an online shop that sells Korean beauty and skincare products, but mainly skincare products such as Innisfree, Nature Republic and etc. They kindly sent this product to me hopefully my skin irritation would get better! Aww that was sweet, wasn't that? O̷̴̷̴̐O̷̴̷̴̐

I got 2 pieces of Dermal Mask Sheets. Dermal is a Korean Brand, and it seems like mask sheets are their specialties! Guess what, they use natural ingredients for their products. There are like 30 different kinds of masks that are meant for any skin type at any age and at any condition. Interesting, isn't it?

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Honestly I've never ever tried any mask sheets before, because I once was scared to death seeing my grandmother wearing such masks when I was little, and that really made me got a trauma LOL °•(>̯o<)•° But now that I've grown up, I've finally get over that trauma! In the name of beautyyyyy laaaa <(˘̯ ˘  )> *get slapped*

excuse my skin imperfections and pimples! arghh~

One of the mask sheets I got was in 015 Aqua. It claims to be firming, refreshing, and moisturizing my skin. And as you know what Aqua is good for skin, that it’s helped me A LOT LOT MUCH like what a 100% aqua based Frais Monde Acqua Di Repole Mist did (and does!) to me! Isn't that amazing? `)

Unfortunately this product contains Methylparaben, even in a very little amount (˘̩̩̩˘̩̩̩ )
(PS : the more high one ingredient is listed on, the more amount it is contained in the product)

When I opened and took the mask out, I could instantly feel a slimy feeling (lol idk what word could describe it the best) I bet it was the collagen! It's a bit runny, feels so moisturizing yet sticky. I smell no weird scent also, just something that smells like water, fresh aqua..


I didn't know if it was me or it's the mask, that the mask couldn't stick well on my face on the nose area (˙˙ ") urr is my nose shape that bad? I left the mask for 20 minutes, then.

So after wearing this mask, I could feel that my skin got moisturized and felt suppler! I didn’t feel my skin so tight though, so I would really recommend this mask. I love how I gently dabbed my face after putting the mask off to make the collagen get absorbed by my skin. No, don’t wash it away! It was the collagen, so you gotta let it get absorbed into your skin. Plus, no breakouts and no signs of irritation, just healthier skin. I would recommend this mask to anyone, since it worked really well on my hypersensitive skin la, you girls should try it! Okay now I’m pretty much curious about the other mask I’ve not used yet, hmm…And surely I’m curious about another mask sheets from Dermal! I will soon review the Marine sheets one, so stay tuned on my blog okay

If you are interested on this product, you can get the ready stock items (which mean no waste of time waiting for pre-order system & shipping lol) on Shabang Shabang!  Here they sell the masks for only IDR 14.800, isn’t that the greatest deal ever! So for you girls, who stay in Indonesia, make sure to get this mask sheets from them. The owner is really helpful; they will let you know which sheets would suit you the best.

That’s my thought about this mask. Have you tried any products from Dermal? Share your thoughts in the comment box below! And oh, help me to support my blog by clicking on the ‘Join The Site’ button on the left sidebar. Thank you, XOXO \(°°)\

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