Review : Wardah Luminous Liquid Foundation 01 Natural White

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Do you know?
There are actually a lot of the products from Indonesian brands, our local brands, which have great quality! I would admit, sometimes I do underestimate my own local brands too, just because the mindset ‘you pay for what you get’. I now realize that I really have to change that mindset, because it’s not always true. Those local brands provide so many high quality products! And some of them even better than the imported ones. And of course, they are definitely cheaper la. Won’t you be happier to get great product when you spend just so little? Remember the line “pay less to get more!” HAHA! *social student mindset*

Today I’ll give a try to this foundation from Wardah. Wardah is an Indonesian local brand which also known for its good quality and nice results. My friends asked me to do their makeup for an event back there, and there were a lot of them, so I thought I’d run out my new Lioele Triple The Solution BB Cream that I just bought on them (TT) I thought about the possibility of buying a foundation since the makeup had to be very sweatproof, had great oil control, aaaaaaand….Well I ran out of money atm so I had to find a cheap but great product, to be honest >o<

There I found this foundation! Wardah Luminous Liquid Foundation, which I bought at the nearest Hypermart in my town for only IDR 27,900. Wow isn’t that just cheap for a 40 ml foundation? \(><)/ I got mine in shade 01, Natural White. The BA helped me to find the closest color to match my skintone, and she advised me to buy this shade.

The ingredients. Well unfortunately this product contains METHYLPARABEN (۳ToT۳) and Propylparaben as well… *sad face*

For hygiene reason, I kinda love this kind of bottle opening! You have to squeeze, which means there won’t be any physical contacts with the liquid until it’s squeezed out onto your palm. I speak like a professor lol \(˙ ɜ˙ )/

Swatch on my hand. I’ve tried a couple times to capture the closest color match to it is in real life, but it’s sooo hard eh ;___; I think this is the closest one after several takes, even it’s still a little bit too white actually .__.

After blended well on my hand. The consistency of the liquid is light-medium, easy to blend with your skin color. It appears a little bit too pale on my skin, yep, but it matches my face skin pretty well. I don’t think this foundation is buildable enough, because I found the coverage is way too SHEER! Almost no coverage at all ._.

Coverage       : light, TOO SHEER (not buildable IMHO)
Texture           : lightweight, easy to blend, not sticky
Fragrance      : YES! And it’s kinda disturbing IMHO
Oil Control   : GOOD

            CHEAP. Only IDR 27,000 for 40 ml!
            GOOD OIL CONTROL. Suits those with oily skin!

            ˟ NO COVERAGE. Just too sheer!
            ˟ CHEAP PACKAGING. Not too interesting, sorry! >.<
            ˟ FRAGRANCED. And it doesn’t smell nice, tbh…


NOPE. Beside the cons that I mentioned above, this foundation made me breakout soooooo bad! Aww (T◊T)

This foundation is for those with oily skin, and doesn’t want much coverage instead of sheer coverage. I found no coverage at all, IMO! I don’t think I will repurchase—well I never used it again after trying it out on my face, and it caused me a bad, terrible breakout. But you can mix this foundation with another one to add more coverage. Oh and it’s good for those who have tight budget too since it’s cheap and won’t make you bankrupt LOL

So that’s all I think about this foundation. This one doesn’t work amazing on me, but I eager still to try some lipsticks from Wardah, and another local brands! I heard some good products and I already kept an eye on them…just wait to the time when I will buy them all! *evil laugh*

Have you ever tried this product? What do you think? Share it here!
Take care, xx!

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14 kisses

  1. awww.. sayang bikin break out ya >.<
    lipstick nya wardah lumayan loh lin ^^

    1. iyaaa >.< coveragenya sheer juga ce, hehe kurang suka sih aku >.<
      denger2 begitu, pengen coba juga deh next time ^^

  2. Wah, sama! Baru kemaren ini beli Wardah juga, so far so good, untungnya. ^_^ Jadi kepengen nyoba produk lainnya Wardah..

    1. hehe beli ini juga ci? :D bagus emang wardah sih dengernya, jd penasaran coba yang lain2nya..

  3. Thanks for the delightful review ^^

    Love Emi

    1. thanks for reading and visiting my blog too, emi! much love <3 x

  4. Great review~ and yeah, stay away from parabens, they're so bad for you and your skin >,<


    1. thank youu for visiting & reading EV \(^o^)
      yes, but a uhh it's like 8 of 10 beauty and skincare products out there contain paraben, either in the form of methylparaben (the most) or propylparaben! well the organic/natural label doesn't always make a product paraben-free. be aware !<3

  5. haiii olin :).. wah pengen nyobain local brand yah? aku jugaaa

    1. iyaaa ce hana >.< kepengen dr sariayu/wardah lagi gitu, udah murah mana bagus.. oya tungguin review eyeshadow dr inez ya, baguuus bgt, aku pake waktu ke event di GC itu >.<

  6. Aww that sucks. It is so cheap! I have oily skin so this prob good for me however with it having paraben, the chances of me buying it is def zero haha too bad! Such a great price for foundation :)

  7. yes! i heard their lipsticks are great too, maybe I'll soon give them a try.
    me too, but it's very hard to find cosmetics/skincare products that are paraben-free. it's like 8 of 10 cosmetics out there contain paraben! :(

  8. wardah aku suka eyeliner , pink lipstick pallet , lip gloss , two way cake :D

  9. thanks for your review :3 would you like to follow each other ? let me know <3