A Confession......and Irritation.

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Hey-yaaaaaaaaaaa angels!
Long time no post eh?
Okay so this opening sentence starts to make me feel bad for me and all of you. Gosh. How can I happen to post only once in a 3 month! GEE. GEE. Well I’m not a good blogger at all, so sorry girls! Trying to be better and better, really, even I’ve said this like, million times before (;A;  )

No, it’s not the school stuffs that had me vacuum this freakin’ looooong time. It’s my skin irritation and breakouts, tbh. Soooooo………here goes my confession. Long story short, I was brought to a clinic by my besties’ mom. She felt very sorry for my skin ahahaha! My mom thanked and both of I and mom really owed her. Wish she read this so she’d know how I wanna thank her so bad.
Okay so after 2-3weeks wearing skincare products from that clinic, (they were all in cream form) my skin was healed and recovered lot much. I was very happy back then, buuuuuuuut that was when my insecurities got me again! (;A;  )

I was about attending a garage sale back there. My skin was much better, much brighter, and much healthier than ever atm. Okay, I put eyeliner, mascara, and other eye makeup on aaaaaaaaand…….felt so insecure and bad if I didn’t wear any powder or foundation to make my complexion looked better. To be honest, my skin was more than OKAY to go without any base/foundation/powder on! No blemishes, no redness, and looked very smooth.  And this freakin’ insecurity kept telling me, insisted on wearing at least, powder. It begged me all the way, like :

”puh-leaaaaaaase, wearing just powder won’t cause you any harm…..will you will you WILL YOU??? Your eye makeup won’t look so outstanding and pretty without flawless complexion. Trust me.”

And that’s when all these things began. Finally got home, I was wearing just powder for 4 hours and so, and then I removed all my makeup using my usual milk cleanser. I cleansed my face using the products from the clinic then, and applied all the cream—just basic night skincare, such as toner and night creams. Pat here, pat there, pat all the way…..and good night world! I fell asleep just in seconds then. The next morning soon as I woke up, I passed the closest mirror in my bedroom. Guess what……………………..MY FACE WAS ALL THE WAY RED. It was worse, faaaaaar worse than my previous skin condition! Breakouts, irritations, and acne scars had never been this bad!!!!!!! And I was like “…heck?” I didn’t know what the heck was wrong with my face. Sat down and thought about all the possibilities that might happened. And OH, HELL NO, OH I WAS SUCH A GENIUS. IT WAS THE POWDER.


I tried to remember if I ever put bb cream or foundation on before this accident, during my skin treatment? Aaaaaand the answer was YES, I once put on my Triple The Solution BB Cream from Lioele, and my skin was irritated too, but it was just a slight of an eye I could barely remember because it was recovered in only two days. Just my thoughts, this accident was freakin’ bad possibly because powder didn’t contain any goodness that bb cream carried, it was all about coverage. I won’t blame the powder at all, because there were my faults also, but I really, really was disappointed with this powder. (Won’t mention the brand here anyway, just to prevent any misunderstanding that may happen.) I regret that I was too insecure too. If only I can turn the hour hands back…. *sob*

Here are some photos of my irritated skin. Excuse me for bad quality photos, they were all took using my phone camera. You know…..digital camera just captures things better and make the results faaaaaar look better than the actual ones. So I’m just trying to get the closest pictures as they are in real life eh.

It was hard, too hard for me exposing these photos of mine….especially when I put no makeup on, and my skin was irritated badly……………... Oops there my insecurity writes all those words above! Gee. Meet her girls. (·___· ) Oh, I forgot to mention this above too. In the first photo can you tell that my lips was a little bit urr, swelling too? See, it was like dehydrated too more than 2 weeks. I was all in suffer, and pain!

So sorry, once again, to all of you angels! I’m much, much, much sad and disappointed, etc etc. I wish I can go back in blogging ASAP! Maybe I will post a lot, but sorry, there will be just…..less of my full face photo. Maybe just some EOTD or LOTD photos, idk, but I’m on my way recovering my skin (again). Pray for me, eh? Your prayers will help of course! Much. 

What do you think about my skin condition? Well I'm much much depressed because of this problem (;A;  ) My beloved friend Mercy suggested me to buy some skincare products from Innisfree since all their products are eco-friendly and made of natural ingredients. I'm planning to order some products from their Green Tea range anyway, which I think I will get from Shabang Shabang since they provide the cheapest ready stock Innisfree products in Indonesia! Of course I want the cheapest LOL I'm poor now because of too much spending money on clinic's products. Who wants to sponsor me some products of the range laa I'll be happily accept them all!!!! *puppy face* 

I also think it's better to use the skincare products from a trusted brand because you can always keep an eye on their ingredients label lol, or just do DIY masks or cleansers that you can control the ingredients needed and always use the natural ingredients.

Okayy soo......Bye for now! That red LED lights at my Blackberry kept blinking from 5 minutes ago. Got to go seeing if it’s from the expected exception. Haha! See you soon!XO

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9 kisses

  1. Your face kinda looks like my face when I'm allergic to something I eat or put on my face. Does your lips itchy and your face feels hot??

    1. yessss! yes yes yes it was, and my face sometimes still feels hot. omgg do you have any ideas to make it through this condition :(

      planning to grab Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel from Etude and Laneige Water Sleeping Pack FX/Innisfree Green Tea Pure Sleeping pack. do you think they will help? >_<

    2. I put real aloe vera on my face as a mask (my neighbour plant them) and took some medication. I think you have an allergic reaction either to the powder or the cream. Or maybe the combination of both. Should I email you what medicine I took?

      Oh btw try to stop using those cream and powder for a few days and see how it goes.

      Hope I'm helping....

  2. kasihan tabah ya mbaks. pake mouisturizer!

  3. That seems to look like allergic reaction. U need to check all the beauty product u use b4 u left the house. It must have been the ingredients in those product. I dont think it was the night cream since u r fine using it before. It all started after u put on make up so it is in one of those beauty product.

    1. Too bad the products I got from the clinic don't have any ingredients label on them. By the way I'd had some breakouts bcs of the powder back there when I hadn't used the skincare products. Can I happen now to be allergic to the night creams too? :(

      Anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts here!

  4. I'm so sorry about this, I know how you feel for about a year I had really, really severely bad acne, that I finally got rid of this pass few months and now I have scars to contend with.

    PS found you from the Bloglovetherapy blog hop.

    1. glad to hear that you finally got rid of it! i'm on my recovery, wish me luck so i can get better very soon. xoxo <3

  5. You should not use milk cleanser if you have acne prone skin because milk cleanser is oil based so it is comedogenic and will clog pores hence causing more acne to grow