Review : Inez Eyeshadows Collection in 07 Pattaya

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Remember when I said I’m trying to love and start using local products because they’re all so amazing with the quality and the price also? I bought another local product which was very great, yet very cheap la! A short story first, I used to have NYX Winter in Moscow (S111) palette a long time ago which I bought from RieButik for only IDR 160.000. Wasn’t that more than the greatest deal ever, to get 16 beautiful colors from white to black with some silver sparkling glitter and grey themed eyeshadows plus 2 beautiful blushes (which one of them was believed a dupe for NARS Orgasm) and 4 lippies in only one palette, and it was less than $20? But stupid me, as a newbie in the world of beauty and makeup, I bought a palette that had some kinda complexion that was pretty hard to be used by me (and maybe some other newbies *blush*). I soon found out that I couldn’t play with the colors much, because they were all just about grey and silver and black! LOL I should’ve picked NYX Haute Couture palette since they had brighter and more various color compared to the boring-but-super-detailed-NYX Winter in Moscow palette ;___; Then I let the palette go in a blog sale for only IDR 88,000 if I wasn’t mistaken, that I just used some colors only! *sob

And now I’m just trying to play safe! Yep, trying to buy the easily-defined-what-color-is-that-and-oh-blend-it-with-this-one palette. Lucky me that I found this palette out, and it was local product also! Yay!

It’s a quad eyeshadows palette from Inez. Inez is a local brand also which offers products with cheap price but with great quality also. After reading some reviews from LadyPon’s blog, I am very interested to try eyeshadows from this brand that she said the loose pigment from this brand was super great! Double luck was drawn unto me; I found this new palette inside my grandma’s makeup pouch. Ha! She’s a fan of Inez if she has to choose one of those local brands out there. Doubt no more about their quality because she’s a picker, especially in everything that’s related to beauty and appearance. Really, my grandma rocks  ~(°◊°~) (~°◊°)~

I got mine in 07 Pattaya. The netto weight for each eyeshadow in the pan was 1,5 gram, and there are four of them so yeah, 4 x 1,5 = 6 gram for the eyeshadows only. Nett~ Oh, I found this interesting description about the ingredients of the product also from their official site :

 Unfortunately I don’t have the box with me. I guess my grandma has thrown it away right after the purchase…..So no idea on the ingredients! So sorry (;A;  )

The royal blue color has always been the color of Inez! And who doesn’t love the gold touch on the lining and brand name? It’s like the color is their trademark, and yes, I actually love neons as much as I love pastel colors. But the packaging ain’t cute, not like Japan or Korean brand ;__; Sorta boring actually, and looks ‘mature’. It’s also made of good quality plastic which is not easily broken.

Take a closer look to the shadows~ Aren’t they just lovely? There’s no name included for each shade, so let’s just number them! 

No. 1   : (Matte) pink berry. The color payoff is pretty good, but since it’s matte so it needs 2-3 swipes to get the real color as it is shown on pan.
No. 2   : (Pearly) baby pink. The color payoff is very good! This color is very lovely and cute. Love! There is a bit of silver sparkles too. The soft, pretty sparkles~
No. 3   : (Pearly) white. The color payoff is also good, better than the matte ones. I love to use this color on my inner corner and underneath my eyes to brighten them up. With silver sparkles!
No. 4   : (Matte) dark berry. This one is also matte, but with better color payoff then the no.1 maybe because it’s a darker color. It’s very pretty too!

"Dear girls….I bet none of you would say no to high-end products, right? They usually have rare colors which nobody can resist! Beautiful colors, and etc. And triple lucky me to browse on some international sites while writing on this review, and quickly found this...

image credits belong to

It’s Estee Lauder Quad Eyeshadows in Berry Quartz!! WOW WOW WOW! Overall appearance and colors are almost the same as my Inez palette, just in different order of colors only. May I say that Inez is a cheaper dupe with great quality? I’ve not tried that palette, but I have some Estee Lauder eyeshadows and I can say their quality is super great. Y U NO JUST BUY THIS PALETTE? IT’S A REAL, REAL SAVING! *hysteric *run over 5 miles *die"

Back to the review! LOL I’m so easily distracted eh! Textures of the shadows are a little bit powdery; it tends to fall out when you use brush to pick the shadows. Surprisingly, no fallouts if you use the sponge applicator to pick it up. (‘◊’  ?)
And swatch on my fingers :

            CHEAP! It’s only IDR 35,000 here on their official website.
            EASY TO BLEND.
            GOOD STAYING POWER. Stays pretty after 6 hours straight, without primer.
            ˟ BORING PACKAGING.
            ˟ PRONE TO FALLOUTS WHEN USING BRUSH TO PICK THE SHADOWS. But no fallouts when you use the included sponge applicator. Trust meh!


YES~ I’d like to try the other colors from this palette series!

This palette has got my heart and eyes. Really! I started to love local products more, since they’re cheap yet great at the quality. The eyeshadows are quite powdery, but the color payoff and staying power are pretty good even without primer. This is worth every penny, (I mean rupiah) for those who have minim budgets but want great products. Yes, I would recommend this as one of my favorite local products. Inez, I think I start to fall in love with you just now.

Here’s a bonus Daddy’sLittle Girl FOTD which uses the eyeshadows from this palette alone, WITHOUT ANY PRIMER. You tell me about the eyeshadows!

So have any of you tried Inez products already? What do you think about them? I’m now curious about their loose powder and lippies! Added to wishlist already! Don’t forget to share your thoughts below. I would love to hear from you guys! LOVE! XOXO

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8 kisses

  1. hai..aku juga punya Inez Loose Eyeshadow dan Blush on, so far aku puas dengan Inez, karena harganya terjangkau dan pigmented abis. Untuk kualitas Ok, tapi untuk kemasannya aku kurang suka, jadul banget..hehehe

    1. hai :D
      iyaaa, jadul banget ya packagingnya! tapi mungkin untuk menggantinya pun agaknya bukan pilihan tepat IMO, karna orang udah hapal sama produk Inez ya yang warna biru, trus bentuknya begitu itu *ala ibu ibu arisan*
      kalo ganti dikiranya palsu >.<

  2. Kesan warnanya natural ya.

    1. iya, lebih ke arah natural :D mungkin karena diambil dari warna terang sampe gelap, juga pink, hehe. bagus ini ! *girang amat*

  3. waah hrgnya murah ya, kualitasnya oke pula =) .
    km cute bgt yaa, pipinya gemees dee xD .

    1. iyaaa ce, ini bagus loh! brand lokal banyak yang bagus, jadi makin penasaran coba-coba yang lain juga, murah juga sih >.<
      hehehe thanks ce, gendut banget tuh pipi mana aku gak bisa shading lagi huhuhu, (/o///)

  4. hello :D your eyes are so pretty omg!
    btw nice review & I'm your new follower :D follow me back?

    1. hi there! :D
      awww thanks, but i think it's just the matter of enlargement effects the lenses give >.<
      yep, i've followed you back, thanks for visiting my blog! :D