L'Oreal Miss Candy Style Board Prize and Giveaway Winning

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This is my very first post that is full of gratitude and excitement! Yep, from what you maybe had heard or known from twitter like a week ago, that I won a giveaway from Shabang Shabang featuring Pricilla Clara, and L’Oreal’s Miss Candy Style Board Contest featuring WhileYouOnEarth by Carnellin! So if any of you wonder what does the style board I made look like, here it is :

I think it’s too much! Don’t you think so? \(>o<)/ I even didn’t think I would win. Really! Okay I admit it la that I was quite impressed yet very sure about my winning after finishing this style board. But after I uploaded it to Facebook and Twitter, I was like…….what??? The style boards that were made by others are much, much simpler, and more ORGANIZED than mine! I quickly felt so stupid and……………yep I lost my hope.

And this winning, I could say this one is unbelievable yet unforgettable! LOL because this is the very first time I win something from an online contest. Believe or not, after winning this contest, my luck on winning online contests seem just increased extremely…even winning the Shabang Shabang giveaway was just few days after I knew about this winning. Only God knows what’s “right” with me! LOL

And this is what I got from L’Oreal as the prize! Thank You, L’Oreal! (Pssst, I love the notes you sent along with the prizes! So sweet, I have always loved attached notes like that, makes me feel so special! )

 Color Riche Nutri Shine in 507 Miss Raspberry
Glam Shine in 707 Miss Raspberry
Color Riche in 602 Perle De Jade

When visiting Ce Carnellin’s post here, I found the last photo in this post about the goody bag she received contained the EXACTLY same items as what I received from L’Oreal! Coincidence, eh? LOL \(°◊°)/

Aaaaaaand this is the masks I received from a Shabang Shabang giveaway featuring Pricilla Clara!

Dermal Collagen Essence Mask in Aqua
Dermal Collagen Essence Mask in Hyaluronate
Dermal Collagen Essence Mask in Platinum
Dermal Collagen Essence Mask in Gold
Dermal Collagen Essence Mask in Vegetable Placenta

I WON DERMAL MASKS!!!!!!!! And it’s from Shabang Shabang, again! LOL \(><)/
I actually got 5 mask sheets as the prize, but this afternoon my camera is kinda error idk why, that it couldn’t take any pics! So I just took this pic using my phone camera, sorry for the bad quality. I re-took the picture just now, after it’s back to normal (by itself!) aaaaand you can see one mask is missing. Sorry I cannot hold myself not to use one! I even plan to bring one with me to Trawas tomorrow for having one day camp there. I used the Vegetable Placenta one, and it was very, very, very impressing. Sorry but no review for this one, as my camera was broken :(

The reviews are coming……………very soon, I hope! Two upcoming weeks are going to be the busiest weeks of my social-class life! Really, I wonder how the science class would do if the social ones even are busy like dis? (‘◊’  ?) But don’t worry, a separated review post for each items, because I’m going to explain it very detailed just like what I usually do XD

I hope I will win more on giveaways and contests! LOL Who doesn’t want to win? I’d also like to thank Jesus as His graces and love are always with me. Okay see you later, I’m off to sleep. Got to go now, wish me luck for my camp tomorrow aaaaand, no t getting sunburned!
Take care, XOXO!

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  1. mau di review glam shine nya dong me xD


    1. okaaaay ce, soon ya! XD
      ditunggu! *buang buku pelajaran* *gak jadi belajar*

  2. congrats olinnn! :3 how exciting!

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    2. thank youuuu ce! XD bener-bener tidak disangka, abisnya luck aku jelek banget slama ini LOL :p