Review : Masami Shouko Angled Shading Brush 202

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Happy Sunday angels~
Today I want to share a shocking fact about me : I don’t have makeup brushes! I usually use my mom’s and auntie’s brushes. And now that I have one………..well this one is my very first makeup brush, and it’s from *jeng jeng jeng* MASAMI SHOUKO! \(^O^)/

I’ve really wanted to get some high-quality brushes like Sigma or MAC but I still can’t afford that at the moment (TT) they’re still too expensive for a student like me la! And after some researches in internet about high-quality makeup brushes with affordable price (kekeke) I found one name, and it was Masami Shouko! From its name, I can easily say it’s a Japanese brand. I’ve been influenced by and loving Japanese brand since they’re always great at the quality and cute in the packaging, so yep I chose to buy this one!

Why angled shading brush? My auntie doesn’t have angled eye brush, so yep that’s why! Masami Shouko provides 3 different sizes for this type of brush, and I got mine in medium size. I can use it for making V outer line in my eyes also contour my nose XD The brush code is 202, angled shading brush by the way ~

The packaging is just waaaaaaay too simple! Not like the other Japanese products which are likely to have cute packaging, this one comes only with simple plastic packaging, that (sorry!) looks cheap. Not attractive almost at all! I only love the brand name that is printed using cute bubbly font.
They doubled the plastic packaging, and I love the ideas! Doubling the packaging means hygiene, and I think that is a must XD VIVA HYGIENE!

The brush handle is steady, it’s black and sleek. Despite of seeing the packaging, the “professional” aura of this brush is all around when you come to hold the brush. Really! The handle is not too long yet too short; it’s easy to work with. The bristles of this brush are also soft and dense. No harsh feeling at all! And they’re not easily to fall of, nah! XD The quality is supaaaaa awsum!

Overall I love this brush! I am super impressed with Masami Shouko. Surely I will get another brush collection from them. Eh, think I forgot to mention the price. Okay don’t be soooo surprised, this amazing brush is only IDR 25,900 or $2.7! LMAO Great quality brush and only for $2.7?? What are you still waiting for? Go grab this brush ASAP XD

It’s easy to get Masami Shouko products around too, you can visit SOGO, Seibu, Debenhams, Matahari, or the other department stores in Indonesia (in Kay Collections tenant). Too lazy to go outside? They also sell this product online too! Visit Kay Collections page on Facebook or Twitter, or directly go to Masami Shouko page or their twitter. Psst, they often have great deals around! Many discounts too, so keep an eye to their Facebook & Twitter timeline kay? (>◊<” )

So have any of you tried Masami Shouko products? If you haven’t you better do, because it really worth every penny spent! Take care, XOXO!

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  1. bagus ya si masami shouko.. >_< jadi pengen koleksi semua brushnyaaa~ nice review girl.. :*

    followed you.. <3

    1. iyaaaa >.< bagus say, murah banget kok hihihi :D
      thankyou ce! XOXO!

  2. Jadi inget belom post masami haul...

  3. aku juga adaaa.. tp kyny pnyaku yg small.. hihi.. :3