Haul : October Babies (First Part!)

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A monthly haul post by me is started since this October! Yep, since now on, I will post my haul I did in every month. Why why why? I have some reasons for that!

1.       Letting you know the things I’m soon going to review. So if there’s a thing from my haul that you’re interested into, you may keep an eye to my upcoming posts as I will post the review for each of my haul items XD
2.       To do a ‘Hit and Miss’ report at the end of a month! This post surely needs a haul post so you will know what I love, and what I loss in a month. (Psst, the Hit and Miss will be posted on the 28th day of a month—because February doesn’t have the date 29, you don’t say—monthly!)
3.       POISONING ALL OF YOU! *evil laugh* Well maybe it’s like ‘meracuni’ in Bahasa LOL, because after reading someone’s haul post my mind usually got poisoned to buy the same thing or want them too.. So beware, I’m here to poison your mind! *stir*

That’s all I can think about the reasons why I want to do a monthly haul post.. Hmm stupid reasons I know, but who cares la that’s all I think about my haul post :D Okay, will talk no more, and enjoy my haul for October 2012! *jeng jeng*

MaxFactor Lasting Performance Foundation in 105 Soft Beige
Vivelle Hello Kitty UV Double Moisturizing Body Lotion in Keiko
Vivelle Hello Kitty UV Whitening Body Lotion in Yumi
MaxFactor Bronzing Powder
Maybelline BabyLips in Anti-Oxidant Berry
Maybelline BabyLips in Smoothing Cherry
Masami Shouko Medium Angled Shading Brush 202

I love the Max Factor Foundation! The SA really helped me to find the perfect shade for me; well I think I’d look for him if I want to repurchase or just buying another thing from Max Factor LOL
Also the Vivelle Body Lotions, I super love the scents, especially the Keiko one.

Max Factor Bronzing Powder is what ce Yennyca suggested me when I asked her what bronzing powder should I buy! LOL this is very cheap—only for IDR 50.000! And she swears it’s pretty and decent. Can’t wait to ‘colek’ the product ~ \(‘o’)/

Been wanting Masami Shouko brushes since a long, long time ago I could hardly remember when, and finally……my very first Masami Shouko brush! *so touched* Oh by the way, I love the cute font they use on 'Masami Shouko' label #random #blush (//////)

I bought two Maybelline ‘super famous’ Baby Lips; one is for me (the cherry one) and the other one is for Mams (my mom’s nickname I just created LOL). Let’s hear from both of me and Mams about this product soon, shall we?
Actually I also did some haul in Qoo10 but too bad until the second week of October the items I ordered haven’t been arrived in front of my doorstep yet. I ordered a lot la! So maybe there will be two haul posts for this October; well I can’t wait to post my drugstore products haul above—they are ALL amazing! Amazing for what? What makes me amazed? And many question more, so stay tuned on my blog! You can join this blog too kekekeke to keep yourself updated \(’)/

This is my entire haul for October (at the moment, note that~). Interested in any products above? Share your thoughts if you already have or plan to buy them! Take care, XOXO!

(Pssssst, so tomorrow I will post about Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry! Enough of reviews that you’ve read about this product? Mind not, read mine too! I’ve been using this product for a week, and let’s see if it really works on me as it claims : rejuvenating lips in one week! Don’t miss it )

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6 kisses

  1. wah jarang2 nemu yg beli foundation max factor hihi.. aku juga pake tp yg 101 ivory beige (lebih terang mana ya sm punya kamu?) coveragenya ok kok :D

    1. iya hehehe >.< aku ini di rekomendasiin ce buat beli ini.. katanya bagus. rasanya terang yang ivory beige deh, ini sih kaya nggak pake foundation, ga merubah warna kulit muka sama sekali, cuma ngasih coverage.. kegelapan dikiiiit kayanya *pengen keliatan putih*
      coveragenya cakeeeep! gak sabar review ini >.<

    2. iya coveragenya mantap bgt secara dark circleku parahh (maklum anak desain sering begadang).. harganya juga cuma 80ribu dan aku pake voucher diskon centro 30ribu jd cuma bayar 50ribu hehe :D ditunggu reviewnya yaa

    3. iyaaaaa sama, aku juga begadang mulu ce, kantong mata tp bukan dark circle >.< aduh enaknya dpt voucher centro, jadinya murah banget fondinya! LOL >.< oke dehh, soon <3

    CC sek belum blanja blenji lagi ni me (lagi?) wkwk lol
    ayo kapan-kapan pergi galaxy berdua, ntar cc pinjemin motor cowonya cc lol xD~


    1. iyaaaaaaaa >.<
      ini belum semuanya ce, haul dari Qoo10 belum pada turun dirumah hihi :p oya, anyway smua barang diatas belinya di GM loh!
      yuk, ayuuuk, kita jj berduaaa ~ *nyanyi girang*