Review : Dermal Marine Collagen Essence Mask 006

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Hello all \(^^)/
Still remember a post about my very first experience of wearing mask sheet? Well as I have mentioned there and here, I got two mask sheets of Dermal from Shabang Shabang. Still wonder what Shabang Shabang is? (a cute yet unique name they have, don’t they! XD)

Shabang Shabang is an Indonesian-based online shop that sells skincare ranges from Korean brands, such as Holika Holika, Innisfree, etc. They also provide mask sheets / packs from many brands like Dermal, MJ(which I am so much curious about!) also etc. Don’t worry about the pre-order system that takes a lot of time, they have some items ready here in Indonesia!

After reviewing the Aqua version of Dermal mask sheets, now it’s time for Marine to have the chance! This mask claims to be firming, moisturizing, and do the regeneration to my skin! Still, this mask has water as the main ingredient, which is good and great for every skin type. Here’s the information I got from Dermal’s officialwebsite about this mask :

"Composition containing hydrolyzed collagen to make skin more easily absorbed,
easy to keep skin supple, flexible high gloss with moisturizing factor, to
prevent dry, rough aging phenomenon, the supply of nutrients in the skin, the
skin returns to normal the tension and prevent fine lines, plus improve
moisturizing effect to make skin more beautiful."

And yes, I get more curious about after reading the information above! Now let’s give it a try, shall we?

The packaging is still blue-themed, just like the previous aqua one. You may get mistaken if you don’t pay the attention very well! LOL The differences between them is the color on the right side, where the marine one has darker blue color than the aqua one and the fish picture is different too. See dat? 

Still, this mask contains Methylparaben, and fragrance as well. For those who dislike perfumed product, well this product is perfumed—well I am okay with the scent—but it’s a nice scent actually!

You can see that my skin has got much much better. But the redness is still there, you can obviously see it! I need a regeneration of my skin! Would this mask do its job, as what it claimed to do the regeneration to my skin?

This mask is very rich of collagen! You can tell by seeing this picture. It’s a little bit slimy to hold this mask, also a little bit runny feeling. The collagen is less sticky than it is in the Aqua one, idk, is this just me?

The mask will give you a cool sensation to your skin as it’s applied. And it’s also moisturizing, I swear I love how the collagen works to moisturize my skin deeply. Leave the mask for around 15-20 minutes based on the instructions, but I left it for 25 minutes (tee-hee) because it’s very refreshing! Beside, it’s all goodness of collagen and stuffs right? So it’s okay la! 

I love this mask! Well the pictures can’t tell you much, but I tell you that I see many differences in real life! The redness is reduced, and my skin feels so fresh yet moisturized. And my expression, well you can clearly see how happy I am in that stupid face LOL °•(>̯o<)•°  Love love love!

bare with my stupid face! XD

Again and again, I got no signs of any breakouts or irritations, instead of a healthier, fresher skin than before. This mask is only IDR 14.800 in Shabang Shabang, so go great your own before I come and buy all their ready stocks of this marine version `)

Oh and I should really say this : I LOVE MASK SHEETS NOW, MORE THAN EVER! Yep, mask sheets is all goodness for your skin. This two Dermal mask sheets are my very first mask sheets ever, and both of them really worked beautifully and great on my sensitive skin! Mask sheets are also good for travelling and long journey, because you can pamper your skin just in minutes, it’s instant yet very useful, and need no space in your makeup pouch or your bag. All convenience! I’m planning to buy more mask sheets, and try another brand of mask sheets like, My Beauty Diary? LUS? Mask sheets from Etude House? I really want to try them all, and goodbye to the stupid trauma of mask sheets! Ha-ha \(°°)/

So have you guys tried this mask? I really want to hear from all of you about the next mask sheets to try! Any suggestions?
Thank you, and byeeee ~ O̷̴̷̴̐O̷̴̷̴̐

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10 kisses

  1. syukurlah kulitmu udh makin membaik linn ^^
    aku punya dermal tp blm coba xD haha

    1. iya ce, udah lumayan banget.. mending jerawatan daripada kaya kapan hr gitu, inflamed :o
      oya? yang seri apa? cobain ce, enak benerrr hehe

  2. I love these! My favorite is the red ginseng~ I think it really does wonders for my face<3


    1. really? i bought one for my mom, still expecting my masks to come LOL~
      i hope she will love it, and it does wonder to her too!

      xoxo, thanks for dropping by EV :D

  3. ga bikin perih muka yah line? jadi pengen coba nih.. xD

    1. nggak kok ce, di aku sih nggak >.< moisturizing banget lo, hehe.. coba deh, cakep ini! aku suka bgt sama collagennya..

    2. aku lebih suka yang marine ce, somehow lebih enak di kulit dan setelah pake lebih keliatan hasilnya :D

  4. Vitamins C is requirement for collagen production in your body. Who it is ... see ..

  5. Collagen supplements come in various forms.