Review : L'Oreal Miss Candy Glam Shine in 707 Miss Raspberry

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One of the gifts that I got from L’Oreal for winning their style board contest was a lipgloss. And yes, it’s one from their latest line, Miss Candy! This new line has super cute packaging and color, which just suits its name, Miss Candy. Who hates candy here? It’s sweet, and it never fails to brighten up my day! As I love sweets so much, I am very excited to try this product out la \(^^)/

The packaging is super cute yet elegant! The cap comes in gold, which makes this product looks expensive. Sometimes gold color reminds me to YSL….but this is the cuter version of them LOL

I got mine in 707 Miss Raspberrry. The name is cute! Wonder if the name given represents the taste of this lipgloss? *mouth-watering*

They have two color mixed in one tube, which are pink and peach. This is my very first time seeing a mix of two colors in one tube of lipgloss (okay you may call me a caveman now O.O)

To be honest : I have never seen such an applicator before. (Call me a caveman now and then!) I think every lipgloss that I own has this kind of (boring) applicator :

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And to have this kind, is a pleasure for me! Aww~ XD The wand is not too long yet too short, which makes it easier to apply the lipgloss. The brush applicator itself is also soft yet flexible (idk how to explain it, it’s just elastic I think! Kinda hard to describe) and gives my lips no harsh feelings at all. Not like the common applicators I say! 


Here’s the swatch on my hand. The color is not peach yet not pink, it’s a mix of both! Pretty, eh? Now let’s give it a try on my lips~

My bare lips :

After applying the lipgloss :

It has sheer color; it’s almost like a clear lipgloss with a hint of pink on my lips. The peach color doesn’t show up, maybe because I have pale lips and the colors are sheer? So that it turns pink! The texture of the lipgloss itself is not sticky, yet gives a very, very nice shine to your lips. The best of all? It doesn’t make my sensitive lips complain la! XD It smells sweet too, which really makes me lick my lips *get slapped*
The staying power is so-so, I have to reapply after eating. Just like another lipgloss though!

            NOT STICKY.
            GOOD APPLICATOR. Flexible yet soft!
            SWEET SCENT.
            TWO COLORS IN ONE TUBE. Unique eh?

            ˟ SHEER COLOR.
            ° SO-SO STAYING POWER.


YES! I want to try the other colors as well.

L’Oreal Glam Shine is a nice lipgloss. It has sweet fruity scent and cute packaging as well. The most loved feature of this product is the applicator, because it’s very unique yet flexible! The only downside for this product is a sheer color as I wished for a subtle color lipgloss. Even tho, the shine is very pretty, so I should say that I like this product much.

Any of you have ever tried this product? Or any products from Miss Candy series? Tell me!

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  1. the pimentation seems to be very sheer, but it will be good to be used as a top coat I guess? I'll check this one later on a counter, hehe, thanks for your review ^^

    1. yes it is, think it's good to add gloss without changing the real color of the lipstick hehe XD go check it out! it smells yummy, really!
      thanks for dropping by too :D

  2. OoOo~ I want this~ The shade is so pretty & the packaging is too cute~ Too bad I haven't seen it in stores recently T.T


    1. aaaaand it smells yummy! \(*o*)/ oh really? it's already available here in indonesia tho. hope this series will be available in stores soon! XD

  3. packagingnya lucu banget ^^
    aku malah suka warna2 sheer gitu lin hi5
    nice review :)

    1. iyaaa lucu ce O.O
      hehe aku pengen yg subtle, kalo sheer aja udah bosen hihi XD thankyou! *peluk*

  4. I want so much to try this but where I live they are not available :(

    Found your blog through Blog Love Therapy blog hop and followed :)

    Cristina xoxo

    1. where do you live cristina? hope it will soon be available in your place okay! this is really an amazing product <3

      okay, follow back! XD