Rini Cesilllia's Second Giveaway

by - 11:33 AM

Again, I joined a giveaway! It’s a giveaway that’s hosted by that pretty girl-next-town, Rini Cesillia! She hosted this giveaway to celebrate her birthday which was last September, and for 200 followers! Congratulations ce Rini *hug kiss* Still wondering when will I reach such a follower number….gee. But it’s 51 now, and I thank all of you for supporting me! Can’t thank all of you enough! \(°°)/

Just click here to go to her site, and don’t forget to join the giveaway! This giveaway will end on December 12th 2012, so there’s still two months left before the announcement. Go get as many points as you can, because she will choose TWO WINNERS! Woo!

And by the way, ce Rini, I recognize that you have changed your domain from purpelyhazelly.blogspot.com to rinicesillia.com! Congrats on that too! XOXO

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