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When you read the blog post, I doubt if you’re going to open it. Really, it’s like who doesn’t know about this stuff? An item that has been raved like by everyone in this world la, and it just comes to me to review it NOW!!! *get slapped*
I admit it la, I was too lazy to write this post. But I somehow feel guilty if I don’t share my opinions about one popular product: who has the idea if I’m along with the positive sides or maybe the opposite ones? So yeaaaa, here’s my “me” version review of Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black! XD

Wonder why the packaging is different with the usual ones? This one has the same color theme with my Dollywink Volume Mascara here! It’s eggplant purple and green themed, and yes I bought them in a set, which actually cost me less than what I actually had to pay…xixixi XD *evil grin* 

The tube of this eyeliner is very cute, with soft purple dots, a bow, and Dollywink logo. Actually I hate the color theme, but it’s okay as long as it’s cheaper in a set XD

It has felt-tip brush end. Pssst, I love this idea! It’s actually a liquid liner when applied, but the brush is a marker like, which makes it easy to work with especially for those who don’t have steady hand, like me XD
I’ve been using this liquid liner for seven, yes, seven months! And the brush tip is still sharp like dis! LOVE LOVE! \(°◊°)/

With this kind of brush, it’s very easy to draw both thin and thick line just in seconds. See how easy it is for me even to write my name using this liner •(>̯o<)• The lines are also very black and strong, which I love!

I will do two basic tests on every eyeliner product: waterproof and smudgeproof tests! Yay for tests!

The lines stay still under a running tap water. Waterproof enough!

No flakes, no transferred liners, it’s definitely super waterproof. Applause!

After dabbing lightly using tissue, I rubbed my hand really harsh and here is the result:
One of the thin lines starts to fade, and so does one of the thick lines. I think it’s because the last two lines were drawn not too long ago before I started the waterproof test, so think the liners hadn’t sat properly on my hand (?) For an accurate result of this test, go see the smiley face! Still, the lines are deep black and strong, no flakes at all.

            CUTE PACKAGING.
            PRECISE & SOFT BRUSH.
            LAST FOR A LONG TIME. Been using this for more than seven months and the liner hasn’t dried all up yet!

            ˟ A LITTLE BIT HARD TO BE REMOVED. Due to the waterproof and smudgeproof formula, somehow the plus can also be a downside! .___.
            ˟ TRANSFERS TO ANOTHER PART OF YOUR EYE SOMETIMES, ON OILY LIDS. Prevent this by using a primer before start applying liner!


Definitely YES! Even I have planned to buy a backup before running out of this one, yep it’s like a preventative action. Who knows if it’s dried out at the time I need it the most? XD

Besides of the cute packaging, I love the formula it carries. The applicator is very nice too, it glides on smoothly on my eyes without being too harsh. It’s easy to draw both thin and thick lines. Love love! Oh and as mentioned above, don’t forget to wear eye primer before applying this liner because for those who have oily lids like me, sometimes the liner transfers to the other part of your eye and causes panda eyes.

The more I tried Japanese products especially from Dollywink, the more I want to collect them all! They’re a little bit expensive, but really worth every penny spent. So what do you think about this liner? XOXO!

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  1. Mau beli gag jadi-jadi, kemarin pas ke Kay Collection uda keburu kanker... (_._)!

    1. di jakarta kay banyak diskon kak, asik, kapan2 aja kalo ke jakarta lg beli ini.. beneran lumayan kalo lagi diskon kan, bagus juga :D

  2. That liner is definitely worth buying.

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    I would love if you entered my giveaway:)
    ViVi Clothes Giveaway-Internationally Open

    1. of course it is! XD
      joined the blog hop ~ join the giveaway soon!

  3. it looks so adorable and from what i can see it works wonders too :)

    1. of course it is, even though i suggest you to buy the original version one, because the packaging is much cuter!

  4. cakep warna ungu, lebih suka kemasan ini dibanding yang pink *banci ungu*

  5. punyaku msi yg kemasan pink polka tp blm mau pake, sayanggg hihi >.<

    1. ini bukan kemasan baru ce, ini yg limited >.< satu set soalnya hehe, aih coba deh, dijamin sukaaaa~ XD

  6. mine's still the old-fashioned packaging (which i think is much more cuter), it's a holy grail product for me. :p

    1. of course the old one is cuter, much much cuter! >.< this one is a limited edition which comes in a set with the mascara (i've reviewed it before) and i think i dislike the packaging VERY MUCH ugh because it's not pink! :p
      yes, it's also my HG!

  7. uwaaaaa kawaiiiiiii banget yg versi ini >.< udh ga ada yg jual lagi kah? *mupeng*

    1. aaaa aku malah nggak suka ce (;A; )soalnya nggak pink! huhu, mana aku paling benci ijo sama ungu lagi.. coba yang long version deh, kayanya mascaranya lbh bagus, yang volume mascaranya jelek IMO. theme warnanya jg ungu-pink, cuter than this one!

      aku dulu beli di para para butik, cb tanya mereka deh ~ XD smoga masih adaaa

  8. Kemasan baru ya lin?
    Nice post lin,jelas bgt postingannya,and waterproof ya sai,jadi tertarik buat coba :)
    Im follow u dear.. ;)

    1. nopeee ce, ini limited edition 1 set sama maskaranya, makanya beda warna hehehe..
      makasih ce! *hug* waterproof banget, but sometimes it smudges kalo ga pake primer sebelumnya..
      will follow back XD